Company and Research Directories

Tampere Business Region service is a directory that enables an easy access to the innovation and startup business potential in the region. It consists of company and research directories. 

Tampere Business Region database provides information to national and international companies, investors and talents who are seeking information about companies, research and key industries in the region. Tampere Business Region directory contains a representative set of businesses and research groups from the key industries as well as the active tech startup community in the region. The Research Directory highlights research groups in the Tampere Region capable and interested in industry collaboration.

The service and the database has been built up by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and it is updated in co-operation by Tredea, the companies and the research groups in the region. Browse these directories to find your future partners in business.

Tampere4ICT Talents

The city of Tampere, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest in Finland are working to connect available ICT professionals, former Microsoft and Nokia employees among those, with companies in need of ICT talents. If you wish to be employed, please, register to submit your information. If you wish to employ, please, check the Talents section to see the available skills.

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Tamturbo Oy

Tamturbo Oy

Tamturbo leads the compressor revolution. Tamturbo Oy is preparing to take its turbo compressor that produces oil-free compressed air to the world. The next generation power source has already generated a lot of interest.

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Tauchi at University of Tampere

TAUCHI – Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction

The TAUCHI Research Center at the University of Tampere researches and develops the interaction between humans and technology in a multidisciplinary manner. Its goal is to match human abilities and possibilities of technology together as well as possible. The work may result, for example, in new kinds of gesture or speech controlled interfaces for both industrial and personal use.

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Ata Gears: Spiral bevel gears for demanding use

Tampere-based Ata Gears Ltd specialises in the design, production and sales of customised spiral bevel gears. The company was founded in 1937. In the early days, Ata Gears’ range of products was very broad, but gradually the core operations shifted to a focus on the spiral bevel gears.

The specialisation has paid off. Ata Gears is among the leading companies in the world in its own specialised field, and recognised for its high-quality products.

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