– Insta is a large Finnish family business, independent, profitable, continuously growing and proud of this identity, says Chief Executive Officer Pertti Huusko.

Insta has locations in different parts of Finland, but most of the people and operations are where the company was first established. A handsome campus is being formed in Tampere: the new office and industrial building was completed in summer 2014 and the renovation of the older buildings on the plot also continues.

– Once all the facilities are completed, all Insta operations in Tampere will be focused here. It is sure to enhance social interaction and, in general, the team spirit of Insta employees, says Huusko.

Insta Group comprises four business units. Insta Automation Oy specialises in industrial and process automation. It is a full-service house of electrical automation services whose operations extend from small sub-projects to extensive investment projects. Insta DefSec Oy develops critical situation awareness and information security solutions and services. The information security products and services of the company are used by the authorities, public administration and companies both in Finland and internationally. For example, the new emergency response centre IT system to be implemented in Finland is a product of Insta DefSec.

Insta ILS Oy is Finland’s leading supplier of life cycle services for aviation equipment and systems operating both in the military and civilian aviation. Insta Innovation Oy was established in 2013 to innovate and develop new growth business for the Group. The company concentrates on virtual technologies and innovative services.

Recent launches

Insta Innovation has already opened totally new prospects for the Group and discovered co-operation possibilities outside the traditional operating fields of the Group, for example, in the social and health care services.

– Finland is facing the challenge of mass ageing among the first countries in the world. It made us think about how our situation awareness competence could be utilised in this situation, says Insta Innovation Vice President Esa Einola.

In this process, Insta found a partner in Pihlajalinna Oy, a private Finnish health care services provider. As result, they created joint venture Insta Care Oy that provides a new type of ERP system for municipalities and service providers for the management of challenges in the social and health care fields. The system offers for each user a correct level of information to serve as a basis for the social and health care operations: for example an employee in the care field gets precise facts about the people receiving care and a manager gets broader outlines.

– This enables true information and knowledge management – and we, on the other hand, can offer a product combining competence in two fields - the first of its kind in the world to date, says Huusko.

Another example of Insta’s innovation projects is the push for growth devised for the simulator business. Insta Innovation Oy and Countsec Oy’s joint venture Insta Trust Oy started its operations in September 2014. Virtual and simulation technologies provide the authorities and companies with the possibility to practise crisis and disturbance situations efficiently. With the same methods, we can also start to develop future educations systems, for example, by making use of game-like methods.

– We can create addictive and motivating study packages for self-studying. The classroom will not become redundant in future either. It will be a place where, after self-studying, the students can test how the acquired information can be applied, says Einola.

Further information: http://www.insta.fi/en/

Photo: Studio Jukka Rajamäki Ky

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Tampere Business Region service is a directory that enables an easy access to the innovation and startup business potential in the region. It consists of company and research directories. 

Tampere Business Region database provides information to national and international companies, investors and talents who are seeking information about companies, research and key industries in the region. Tampere Business Region directory contains a representative set of businesses and research groups from the key industries as well as the active tech startup community in the region. The Research Directory highlights research groups in the Tampere Region capable and interested in industry collaboration.

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Tampere4ICT Talents

The city of Tampere, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest in Finland are working to connect available ICT professionals, former Microsoft and Nokia employees among those, with companies in need of ICT talents. If you wish to be employed, please, register to submit your information. If you wish to employ, please, check the Talents section to see the available skills.

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The specialisation has paid off. Ata Gears is among the leading companies in the world in its own specialised field, and recognised for its high-quality products.

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Insta Group Oy is a Tampere-based family business operating in the field of automation and defence technology. It was established in 1960 for industrial automation and instrumentation equipment installations. The company has grown into a significant industrial group with world-class expertise actively seeking new business opportunities and contemplating international launches.

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Tauchi at University of Tampere

TAUCHI – Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction

The TAUCHI Research Center at the University of Tampere researches and develops the interaction between humans and technology in a multidisciplinary manner. Its goal is to match human abilities and possibilities of technology together as well as possible. The work may result, for example, in new kinds of gesture or speech controlled interfaces for both industrial and personal use.

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