• Arkkitehdit A3 Oy

  • 10-Asennus

    Maintenance, repair and installation services for food, paper, metal and chemical industries

  • 10Tons Oy

    Development of mobile games

  • 3Dolli Oy

    3Dolli creates new dimensions to your marketing.

  • 3Step IT

    IT equipment for large organisations

  • 65 Wilding Films Ky

  • A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy

    A-Insinöörit solves the customers' most challenging problems with 600 skilled professional.

  • A. Alhosen Elokuvalaboratorio

  • A. ja E. Ruissalo Oy

    K-Supermarket is a large retail grocery store.

  • A5 Plate Media


  • Aallon Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Aaltoliike Ky

  • Aaltospaino


  • Abako Media

    Portal development, web and enterprise portals

  • ABB Oy

    Substation Automation Systems

  • Abcell Oy Ab

    Distributes reagents, test kits and equipment

  • AC2SG Software Oy

    We build smart grid software solutions for customers in Finland and abroad. We build solutions that enable the end customers to utilize the new technology.

  • Accenture

    Management consulting, technology services

  • Acute FDS Oy

    Healthcare information systems

  • Adalia Oy

    High scalability architectures and cloud services, highly usable web user interfaces, mobile and tablet user interface applications for heavy backend systems, encrypted video streams, large scale live video delivery, real-time server-based analysis and manipulation

  • Adcontact Aktiebolag, Filial i Finland

    For over 25 years Adcontact has consciously pursued a strategy of continual development within the fields of electrical connectors and equipment for cable production.

  • Adecco Finland Oy

    Adecco is the world's leading provider of Human Resources solutions. Adecco Finland Oy has been in operation since 1997. 

  • Adenova Avoin Yhtiö

    Web solutions

  • Aditro

    HR and financial management services

  • Adlink Oy

  • Adsek Avec Oy

    close coperation with Adsek Oy, practically they are one company

  • Adsek Oy

  • Advanced Network Technology Tampere Incorporation

    Network services incorporating design, installation, management, support and consultancy

  • Advant Games

    Advant Games is a services and software provider for the gaming industry, designing technologically advanced solutions for developing, analyzing and distributing new lottery and entertainment games.<br /><br />Their product combines in-depth

  • Advant Games Oy Ltd

    digital engagement platform Advantlabs, a pioneering tool, TiltCTRL, to detect and prevent tilt in online poker

  • Adwatec

    Solutions for water cooling applications of power electronics

  • Aeonic Entertainment

    Aeonic Entertainment is an independent game studio in Tampere, Finland.

  • ÅF-Consult Oy

    As an engineering and consulting company operating across the globe, we connect technologies to create progress for our clients. Our driving force is powered by the curiosity and knowledge of our forwardthinking employees.

  • Affecto

    Solutions for information management and business analytics

  • After Sports Oy

    Top Sport is a sportswear retail store.

  • Afterglow Music Oy

  • Agco Power

    Diesel engines

  • AGCO Power Oy

    AGCO Suomi Oy sells Valtra and Fendt tractors in Finland.

  • AGCO Suomi Oy

    AGCO Suomi Oy sells Valtra and Fendt tractors in Finland.

  • Agendium Oy

    Simple and secure collaboration tools for business critical groups

  • Ahlsell Oy

    Ahlsell is the Nordic region's leading trading company in installation products and tools & machinery. It offers a wide range of products and services to professional users in the segments of HVAC, electrical, tools and machinery. 

  • Ahlstrom Tampere

    Fiber composites and specialty papers

  • Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy

  • Ainesmestarit


  • Air Wise

    Air Wise Oy produces and manufactures SunAIR and Parmair ventilation equipment and SunAIR-cooling equipment, as well as manufacturing and selling SunAIR plastic ducts for residential use.

  • Airia Oy

    Airia Oy founded 1994, delivers power plants that run on biofuel for combined heat and electricity production. Our products have capacities of up to 5 MW,e. BioHAT® Power Plant is a new generation small-scale power plant that uses biofuel.

  • Aisti Records Avoin yhtiö

  • Aito media Oy

    television programmes, formats, series, local and global production

  • Aitoleipä

    Bread and pastries

  • Ajovarma Oy

    Ajovarma Oy belongs to the A-Katsastus Group and has operations throughout Finland. We provide drivers' examinations in approximately 110 service facilities, which are mostly located within inspection stations

  • Akun Tehdas (see: Eppu Normaali Oy)

  • Akun tehtaan Mixroom Oy

  • Alasin Media

    AV Services, art services, web sites, media agency services and content production

  • Alba Forte Oy

  • Alba Records Oy

  • Albert Hall Finland Oy Ltd 

    Corporate identity design and advertising

  • ALC Music Oy

  • Alfa Wear

    Design, marketing and manufacturing of clothing for professional use. Focus is mainly on the clothing of the health care and food industries.

  • Algol Technics

    Industrial product solutions, withdrawals, transfers and storage

  • Algol Technics Oy

    Algol Technics is specialised in industrial product solutions, project deliveries, and service and maintenance contracts. The aim of operations is to improve the functionality of the customer's production and logistical processes.

  • Alma Manu

    Repro e.g. Newspapers

  • ALSO Finland Oy

    Also Finland Oy is concentrated in electronics wholesale.

  • ALSTOM Grid Ltd

    Electrical grid solutions

  • ALSTOM Grid Oy

    Alstom continuously develops, supplies and maintains sustainable and integrated rail solutions for the urban and main line markets. These are technically, economically and environmentally efficient, designed to meet today’s challenges of smarter mobility and tailored to each of the operators and public authorities which they serve.

  • Alumatic

    Chassis exchanges, tank modifications, equipment installations, tank tightness and operational controls

  • AM Security Oy

    AM Security is a finnish safety contractor with a wide experience on locking and other safety solutions.

  • Ambientia

    Web and mobile applications

  • Ameeba

    Industrial automation

  • Amerplast Oy

    Amerplast manufactures high-performance flexible packaging for fast-moving consumer goods for both food and non-food categories.

  • Amissa Food

    Bread and pastries

  • Ammeraal Beltech Oy

    Ammeraal Beltech offers the largest range of belting products worldwide to over 150 countries.

  • AMV-Trading Ltd Oy

    clinical information systems and system services. Advanced Medical Vision offers software tools for proffessional use in surgery.

  • AN-Cadsolutions

    we are reseller and distributor for 3D CAD/CAM-softwares, 3D-printers, 3D-scanners, CNC-milling machines, engraving machines, flatbed printers, 3D-mices

  • Anders Inno

    E-business software and solutions

  • Andritz Hydro

    Systems, equipment and services for the hydropower industry

  • Andritz Hydro Oy

    ANDRITZ Oy is one of the leading global suppliers of systems, equipment and services for the pulp and paper industry - including wood processing, fiber processing, chemical recovery, stock preparation - as well as for biomass boilers, biomass pelleting plants, and gasifiers for energy production.

  • Anetcom Oy

  • Annamaija Music Company

    Concert Promoter - Project Management - Artist Management & Agency - Consultant

  • Antalis Oy

    The world leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communication products for professionals.

  • Anvia IT-Palvelut Oy

    Anvia has strong knowhow in networks, safety technology and applications

  • AP Masor

    Machining services, equipment assembly, measurement services, high precision manufacturing for complex products containing different manufacturing procedures, welding, industrial services, equipment repairs

  • Apex Games Ltd

    About Us Apex Games Ltd is an independent game studio located in Tampere, Finland. We believe in delivering high quality and having a lot of fun doing it.

  • Apex Games Oy

    Game development

  • Apilaratas Oy

    E-commerce related services

  • Aprikoodi

    Software development

  • Aquamec Oy

    Watermaster. For dredging, piling, raking – and more. From dry ground to 6 meters depth.

  • Arch Red

    User authentication: guest and local user account management and authentication, Mobility: RADIUS based roaming for creating inter-organisation roaming services, Wireless and wired networks: access control for guests and local users

  • Arctic Finland House

    Grill kotas, grill houses, garden houses, pavilions, barrel buildings, barrel saunas, wells, swinging tables and many other buildings

  • Ares Oy Nikotips

    Ares Oy imports and markets technical rubber, plastic and polyurethane products. The Company´s primary products are rubber, plastic and polyurethane hoses, rubber sheets and mats, rubber profiles, technical rubber and plastic speciality products, clamps , bindings and compocite hoses.

  • Arimer

    Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber

  • ark.in Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Ruuska Ky

  • Arki Software

    Software development

  • Arkjaatiset Oy

  • Arkkitehdit Kontukoski Oy

  • Arkkitehdit LSV Oy

  • Arkkitehtikonttori Petri Pussinen Oy


  • Arkkitehtistudio M&Y Moisala & Ylä-Anttila

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Ahonen & Kangasvieri Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Anna-Maija Kaihari Kommandiittiyhtiö

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Antti Ylinen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto AR-Vastamäki Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Eero Lahti Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Hanna Lyytinen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Helamaa & Heiskanen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Hiltunen & Raiski Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto J. Laiho Arkplan Kommandiittiyhtiö

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Jouko Mäkinen Ky 

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Juhani Utriainen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Keppo & Raatikainen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto KIOSKI Osk.

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Klemola & Co, avoin yhtiö

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Laaksonen Wiren Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Lasse Kosunen Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Lassila & Co Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Lumiset Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Majamaa Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Neva Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Pekka Ilveskoski Oy 

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Tähti-Set Oy

  • Arkkitehtitoimisto Tilatakomo Oy

  • Arkkitehtuuri Arkera Oy

  • Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Taso Oy

  • Armatek

    Valve maintenance services

  • Artekno Oy

    Solutions for the packaging and transport of products as well as for the production of complex industrial parts

  • Artelli Keittiöt

    Kitchen furniture

  • ArtLife Design Oy

  • Ascom Miratel Oy

    Ascom is an international solutions provider with comprehensive know-how in healthcare workflows and telecommunications.

  • Asennus N & H Service

    Industrial installation and overhaul services

  • Ashland Industries Finland

    The company has production facility in Tampere for sizing agents, wet-strength resins, dry-strength resins and specialty water-treatment chemicals

  • Asiakaskehitystoimisto Kuowi Osakeyhtiö

    We help planners and developers to include stakeholders in various development projects within urban planning.

  • ASK Chemicals Finland Oy

    ASK Chemicals is one of the largest suppliers of complete solutions and tailor-made consultation services for the foundry industry. The core of our company’s activity involves manufacturing all foundry consumables required for the production chain as well as providing optimum technical services in order to perfectly adapt our products to the processes on the customer’s premises.

  • Asoma

    Sales and contract manufacturing of technically advanced plastic components and products by the vacuum forming method

  • Astrosnout

    Astrosnout is a game company based in Tampere, Finland.

  • Ata Gears

    Design, production and sales of customised spiral bevel gears

  • ATEA Finland Oy

    Atea is the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure with approximately 6,800 employees. Atea is present in 89 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  • Atlas Copco Rotex

    Drilling tools

  • Atomi Creative Marketing

    We design and produce tools for sales, marketing and communications. Find the Core™ for change, growth and charming your customers.

  • Atostek Ltd. Oy

    Customized R&D software

  • Atrotech Oy

    Atrostim Phrenic Nerve Stimulators

  • Attendo Oy

    Attendo offers care services for older people, people with disabilities and individual and families.

  • Aurajoki

    Metal coating

  • Aurora Group Finland Oy

    Accessories for consumer electronics is our business, and we create value for Nordic customers through innovative concepts, products, services and competitive prices.

  • Avack Oy

    network-based communication and alarm solutions

  • Avant Design Oy

    assistive devices for handicapped individuals

  • Avant Tecno

    Compact multi purpose loaders and attachments

  • Avekmet

    Aluminium facades, Aluminium Doors, Steel Doors, Stair Railings

  • Avemet

    Flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and waterjet cutting

  • Avertes

    Expertise for telecommunication industry’s retailers as well as for service- and health care sector companies and organizations

  • AVK Finland Oy

    The AVK Group is a privately owned industrial group that currently comprises 77 companies. AVK’s core business is the production of valves, hydrants and accessories for the water and gas distribution network, sewage treatment and fire protection.

  • Avoin yhtiö OB -Scene

  • AVS-Yhtiöt Oy

    With 30 years of experience, well-known suppliers, own production and with determined development of all our branches, we  have achieve the position as a highly respected manufacturer and seller of pneumatic components and industrial valves. 

  • Awanic oy

    Database-driven web solutions for quality and safety management

  • AxFlow Oy

    AxFlow is the leading pan-European supplier of safe and cost-effective fluid handling solutions and services to complex process industries

  • Axiomatic Technologies

    Axiomatic Technologies helps its' customers with their automation related problems by means of consulting, system design, project coordination and product development.

  • Axiomatic Technologies Oy

    The company was founded in 1996 under the name of Tampere Multivisions Oy. Right from the start our goal has been to serve our customers providing turn-key automation design services and products. In 2003, we became Axiomatic Technologies Oy.

  • Axus Finland Oy

    ALD Automotive is Finland's leading service leasing company. 

  • B&B Products Oy

    Skydda forms part of the B&B Tools group, which provides the industrial and building sectors in Northern Europe with tools, consumables and components. Skydda is one of the leading suppliers of solutions and equipment for personal protection in Northern Europe. 

  • B&R Industriautomation AB Suomen sivuliike

    Keen foresight and entrepreneurial courage helped B&R rise quickly into the ranks of top global players in industrial automation. An intuitive sense of market dynamics and emerging trends has established us as a pioneer, leading the way with the most innovative technology on the market. Looking forward, we aim to further strengthen our position globally and continue our impressive record of sustained growth.

  • Backstage Rock Shop Oy

  • Balettikoulu Hannele Suomalainen Ky 

  • Baron Print Oy

    We are printing house who is specilized for demanding printing jobs.

  • Bastella Media Oy

  • Basware

    Cloud-based purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions

  • Bat. Power Oy

    We offers a wide range of memory-, home appliance-, mobile-, multimedia- and AV products. We are the market leader in mobile accessories in Finland.

  • Bauer Media Oy

    Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.

  • Bauhaus & Co. Ky

    Bauhaus is a retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening and workshop. 

  • Bcklight Ltd

    Bcklight creates digital time-travels for companies and communities. Live again past moments in time and engage your users with your history!

  • BE Group Oy Ab

    BE Group is a trading and service company, offering a broad range of steel, stainless steel and aluminium products.

  • Beckhoff Automation Oy

    Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. 

  • Beijer Electronics Oy

    UTU is established 1919 and since 1945, UTU has manufactured switchboards for the needs of electrical contracting as well as industry and distribution of electricity.

  • Beiz Oy

    BeiZ is a small game studio based in Finland with operations in Beijing. We are developers of Lola Panda® educational kids games series.

  • Bend Finland

    Contract manufacturing of machines and equipment, deliveries of complete systems and bending of aluminium profiles

  • Berner Pultti Oy

    Two core competencies are at the heart of our group of companies: multi-channel sales of our high-quality products and services to professionals in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors as well as the development, manufacture and marketing of specialist technical chemicals. 

  • Bestpak


  • Bestseller Retail Finland Oy

    BESTSELLER provides you with the largest and newest collection of styles from ONLY, VERO MODA, JACK & JONES, SELECTED HOMME/FEMME and many more brands from the BESTSELLER brand portfolio.

  • BikBok Oy

    BikBok is a clothing retail chain with shops all over Scandinavia.

  • Billgo

    Billing systems

  • Biltema Suomi Oy

    Biltema offers a wide range of products with high functional quality at such low prices that everyone can afford to buy them. Our range includes products in the following areas: Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, Leisure, Home, Electronics, DIY, Chemicals and Tools.

  • BioNavis Oy

    BioNavis is a Finnish manufacturer of MP-SPR Navi™ research instruments that are used for measurements of molecular interactions and nanolayer properties in life sciences, material sciences as well as biosensors research.

  • Bioptima Oy


  • Bioretec Ltd.

    Manufactures and develops advanced bioabsorbable (resorbable) implants and device solutions

  • BioSiteHisto Oy

    Tissue- and cell-based technologies

  • Bitarctic Oy

    Bitarctic is a game company based in Tampere, Finland.

  • Bitwise

    Softaware development projects and consulting

  • Black Moda Oy

    Black Moda Oy is a Finnish family owned textile company, established in 1996 and located in Tampere. The family’s factory by the name of Cottonhouse, Ltd., is situated in northern Portugal. Together with ready-made tricot articles and fabrics, our product range includes toweling, bath collections, socks, home textiles and other accessories needed in the textile industry.

  • Blinder Oy

  • Blinkamovie Oy

    Blinkamovie is Social Short Story Cinema

  • Blue Import BIM Oy

    Blue Import BIM Oy is a professional and trustworthy partner in importing and wholesale services for various reitailers. With our long experience and strong know-how we can offer the entire importing service chain, tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer.

  • Bodim Port Oy

    The Body Shop is an international cosmetics retailer.

  • Bodycote Lämpökäsittely

    Thermal processing services for metallurgy

  • Bodycote Lämpökäsittely Oy

    Heat treatment encompasses a variety of techniques and specialist engineering processes which improve the properties of metals and alloys and extend the life of components and is a vital part of any manufacturing process.

  • Boknäs Huonekalut Oy

    Boknas is furniture and home interior retailer.

  • Bong Suomi

    Packing material, envelopes

  • Bong Suomi Oy

    Bong Oy Suomi offers envelopes and other packaking materials.

  • Bosch Rexroth Oy

    The company bundles global application experience in the market segments of Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, and Factory Automation to develop innovative components as well as tailored system solutions and services.

  • Bostik Oy

    Bostik is a leading global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, fillers, CTA & grout and sealants.

  • Boston Scientific Suomi Oy

    Developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices

  • Bottomland Productions Oy

    Film production

  • Boulevard Oy

    The largest Marimekko retailstore in Finland.

  • Boxia

    Cardboard boxes

  • Brander

    Bread and pastries

  • Brandstairs Oy

    Brandstairs is a full-service marketing and advertising agency

  • Breach Entertainment Oy

    Game development

  • Broadcom Communications Finland Oy

    Broadcom’s extensive product portfolio serves multiple applications within four primary end markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage and industrial & others. 

  • Bronto Skylift

    Truck mounted hydraulic platforms

  • Bronto Skylift Oy Ab

    Bronto Skylift is the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms. We design, manufacture, sell and service appliances for rescue and firefighting as well as for construction work.

  • Brothers Clothing Oy

    Brothers is an international clothing chain.

  • Bsoniq Oy

    audio production for games, videos, r&D,

  • BST-Arkkitehdit Oy

  • BT-yhtymä Oy

    Our product range is from hygienic products to industrial towels.

  • Bufab Finland Oy

    We offer our customers a broad selection of quality fasteners and small parts utilizing our efficient logistical solutions. Our product portfolio also contains a wide range of electrical products used within the manufacturing industry.

  • Burmanin Tietokone ja Koulutus

    Computers and IT equipment for visually impaired persons

  • Busola Oy

  • Cad-Quality Finland

    Implementation of software, training, support and IT support of CAD systems related to the construction, real estate

  • Cadeira Oy

  • Calderys Finland Oy

    As a global leader in refractory solutions and services, we serve customers world-wide with safe, reliable and high-performing refractory solutions across multiple industries - iron, steel, foundry, aluminium, cement & lime, oil refineries & chemical, and boilers & incinerators.

  • Canon Oy

    Canon Business Center Tampere is a part of worldwide Canon Business Center chain. Canon Business Center offers high quality office solutions from printing to document management.

  • Cape Peace Software

    Software development

  • Capertum

    Corrugated board processing and silk-screen printing

  • Capnova

    Cloud services, web services, IT maintenance

  • Cargotec

    Cargo and load handling solutions

  • Carlings Oy Ab

    Carlings Oy Ab is part of international Carlings retail clothing chain.

  • Carrier Oy

    Carrier is the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions.

  • Catella Property Oy

    Catella is a financial advisor and asset manager with in-depth knowledge of property, fixed income and equities. Catella is a leader in the property sector, with a strong local presence in Europe, and employs some 500 professionals in 12 countries. The operations are divided into four business areas.


    Caverion advises its clients in managing risk, improving performance, optimising operations and sustaining solid results.

  • Cavitar

    Industrial imaging and illumination systems

  • Cboss

    Real-time billing, customer care, network management, business intelligence and CRM

  • CBOSS Oy

    CBOSS is one of the world leaders in the development of innovative realtime highly available convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications businesses, giving a competitive advantage to telecom operators worldwide.

  • Celain Oy

    Tablet magazines, tablet brochures, e-books and sellers tool which help daily operations

  • Celerit

    Consulting and education

  • Celkee Oy

    Celkee Oy has vast experience on change management and organizational development projects.

  • Celotron

    Mobile control systems

  • Cemron

    Information display systems

  • Cenic Finland

    Production and distribution of software. Strong know-how in the areas of machining, CAM and CNC.

  • CGI

    It outsourcing services, infrastructure services, application management, systems integration and consulting, business process services

  • CGI Logica

    CGI strives to be recognized by our clients as their partner and expert of choice. Our track record of outstanding delivery, combined with our industry expertise, end-to-end services and IP-based solutions, help deliver significant value to clients’ mission-critical and transformative work.

  • Checkout Finland Oy

    Payment Service Provider

  • Chemetall AB, Suomen sivuliike

    Like no other company, we focus our worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment. Our products are developed for cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals.

  • Cimec

    Cimec is manufacturing machines for Window Manufacturers and Glass industry

  • Cimmerian productions Osk

  • Clas Ohlson Oy

    Clas Ohlson is an international retail company that is expanding through new offerings, new stores and by establishing operations in new markets.

  • CleanTeki Finland

    CleanTeki Finland Solar Future Techologies

  • Clic Correspondents Oy

    Easy access to a pool of content-making professionals from around the world.

  • Clothing Plus Oy

    Clothing+ is a developer and manufacturer of comfortable wearable sensor solutions for leading brands in the sports and medical segments

  • Cloud Fortress Games

    Cloud Fortress Games is a small independent game development company founded in May 2014.

  • Clover Shop Oy

    Clover Shop X4 is the next generation e-commerce software designed in Tampere, Finland.

  • CM Technologies Oy

    Cell imaging technology

  • Codeit

    Software for visually impaired people

  • Coloria


  • Colossal Order Oy

    Game development

  • Comatec Group

    Comatec Group is a leading Finnish engineering office that is expanding on the international front, provides and develops engineering design, project management and expert services for the technology industry, in particular for machine building.

  • Combitech Oy

    We help our customers meet challenges, build up a foundation and not least create an efficient way of working. 

  • Compass Group Finland Oy

    We are a global market leader in providing food and a range of support services to customers in the workplace, schools and colleges, hospitals, at leisure and in remote environments.

  • Confidex

    Contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services

  • Conmed Linvatec Biomaterials Oy

    Manufacturing facility for procedure specific sports medicine products

  • ConnectingTalents Oy 

    out door/public space digital advertising by large touch screens (incl. Software and programming platform), web content production

  • Contum Oy

  • Coor Service Management LP Oy

    Coor Service Management is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and effectively.

  • Corbel Oy

    Corbel offers professional services related to property asset control and management to real estate investors, owner-occupants and the property’s tenants.

  • Corelase

    Fiber laser solutions

  • Corelase Oy

    Corelase provides always reliable special fiber laser solutions according to customer’s needs. 

  • Corenet

    Data transmission solutions

  • Cortex Oy

    Our sales network and maintenance service cover the whole of Finland. We have solutions for bakeries, food industry, printing industry, wholesale companies and other industry.

  • Cosmic Studios avoin yhtiö

  • Crealang. Research & Innovation

    Research-based innovations for training, documentation and assessment of language and communication performance

  • Creanex

    Solutions for enhancing the technology of work machinery and the operators’ skills, and enabling tests on machines and control systems

  • Creative Cosmos Finland Ky

    network of 100 audiovisual preffessionals

  • Crocs Nordic Oy

    Crocs, Inc. is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. Crocs Nordic Oy headquarters is located in Tampere.

  • CrossControl

    Control solutions for industrial vehicles and machines

  • CRT Oy Clean Room Tech

    clean room facilities and services, equipments and products eg. clothing


    Cubus is one of Scandinavia's largest clothes chains.

  • Culinar

    Intelligent ordering services for restaurants. Provide your customers the best service they deserve and learn how their needs develop.

  • CWT Finland Oy

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is a confirmed responsible business leader in the travel industry.

  • CyberCom Finland

    Internet application services

  • Cybercom Group

    IT Consulting: Digital Solutions, Connected Engineering, Connectivity Management and Secure Connectivity

  • Cybercom Plenware Oy

    Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company enabling companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world and to enhance their competitiveness.

  • Cybersoft


  • Cyberware Production Ky

  • Cycle Service Nordic OY

    Cycle Service Nordic ApS is the Nordic distributor of bike components from SRAM and the Nordic SRAM Technical Support Centre and part of Accell Group.

  • Cygate Oy

    We build reliable, business-supporting ICT solutions for companies and public organizations. 

  • D.o.f Tech

    Software and measurement solutions for construction industry

  • DA-Design

    Electronics and software engineering, embedded systems related software, electronics, mechanic, RF and microwave engineering

  • DACHSER Finland Air & Sea Logistics Oy

    The DACHSER business model comprises transport logistics, warehousing and customer-specific services in three business divisions: DACHSER European Logistics, DACHSER Food-Logistics andDACHSER Air & Sea Logistics. 

  • Data-Info Oy

    Datainfo Oy is trusted provider of ICT products for companies.

  • Datactica

    Software for tactical data, algorithm design, data analysis creating new business opportunities using data. Main technologies: datafusion, data mining, natural language processing, 3D graphics

  • Datacubist

    Software for solving data exchange problems in the building industry, BIM

  • DB-Manager

    Enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, planning tools and internet technology-based solutions for electronic business.

  • Decens Oy

    We design and maintain information technology solutions.

  • Decoy Production Oy

  • Décron Studios Oy

    Décron Studios is a privately held game development studio located in Tampere, Finland.

  • Décron Studios Oy

  • Deerhouse Productions Oy

  • Dekati

    Fine Particle Measurement instruments

  • DEKRA Industrial Oy

    With qualified and independent expert services, they work for safety on the road, at work and at home. These services range from vehicle inspection and expert appraisals to claims services, industrial and building inspections, safety consultancy, testing and certification of products and systems, as well as training courses and temporary work. 

  • Delffi

    Swim suits and wollen underwear

  • Delfoi

    Prodcution Planning & Execution and process simulation solutions and related consulting services.

  • Delta Auto Oy

    Delta Auto is a car retailer offering KIA and Mitsubishi vehicles.

  • Delta Cygni Labs

    Delta Cygni Labs develops advanced communication and interaction systems

  • Deltabit

    Deltabit – identification with a human touch

  • Denovo Oy

    Automation and embedded software development

  • Dentrio

    Dental implants

  • Descom

    We are a new breed of marketing and technology company that builds customer journeys in the omnichannel world.

  • Design Combus

    Design Combus Ltd is developing, manufacturing and marketing data communication equipments, systems and related software solutions.

  • Desinfinator Ltd Oy

    Air cleaning technology

  • Det Norske Veritas OY/AB

    Driven by its purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. We provide classification and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. 

  • Dfcbit

    Software development

  • DHL Freight (Finland) Oy

    International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services – with everything DHL does, we help connect people and improve their lives.

  • Diagonos

    Instruments that monitor the condition of oil and hydraulic systems.

  • Dicode

    Software development

  • Digia

    Digia is a profitably growing IT service company that helps its customers harness digital opportunities.

  • Digita Oy

    Digita broadcasts radio and TV programmes reliably to all of Finland, every day of the year. Applying cutting-edge digital technology, we also develop and supply versatile Internet TV and radio services along with services based on our comprehensive network infrastructure.

  • Digital Graphics Europe Oy

  • Dimedia Mediatehdas

    Neon signs

  • Dimedia Oy

  • Diory Ltd.

    Personal Web, the new paradigm for managing your information, is like WWW but yours. It brings together information from your mind, folders and WWW.

  • Discart Aps

    Music production and promotions

  • Discendum

    Online solutions for learning and competence development.

  • Discopress Oy

  • DNA

    Voice, data and TV services

  • DNA Kauppa Oy

    Our business divides to consumer and corporate business. We utilise innovations and adopt new solutions to complement our core business.

  • Document House Oy

    Document management for companies

  • Domino Workwear

    Working clothes

  • Doofor

    Hydraulic rock drills and spare parts

  • Doranova Oy

    bioenergy, contaminated soil, waste water handling. Whole life cycle services and know-how

  • Dragon Mining Oy

    Dragon Mining is an ASX listed company which is an established Nordic gold producer with production centres in both Sweden and Finland.  

  • DragonWhite Oy

    Music agent

  • Dreamloop Games

    Our team is dedicated to making games you’ll love, because we love them too.

  • Dressmann Oy Ab

    Dressmann is the Nordic region's leading fashion chain for menswear, and part of the fashion chain, Varner.

  • DS Smith Packaging Finland

    Packing, cardboard boxes

  • DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy

    A leading provider of corrugated & plastics packaging, supported by paper & recycling operations

  • DSV Road Oy

    We deliver your cargo safely, securely and on time anywhere in the world by air, sea, road and rail. And we support all your warehousing needs.

  • DT Finland Oy

    STARK is a reliable and accomplished building materials supplier chain. STARK combines special timber and building products with its long-term expertise of the construction sector in Finland.

  • Dunlop Hiflex Oy

    Dunlop Hiflex Oy is a specialist of hydraulics, pneumatics and pipes.

  • Dynamic Arts Records Oy

  • Dynaset

    Installation valves


    Global Startup 1986; POWERED By HYDRAULICS; electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet, vibration, etc. most compact to all machines.

  • E-Bros

    Multiplatform mobile development

  • E-Kanava Oy

    Markit provides the best total cost of IT purchasing for companies large or small.​

  • Eatech

    Customer-based software development and continuous services according to your needs.

  • Eden Springs Oy Finland

    Eden Springs is a leading provider of workplace drinks solutions, offering a complete, one-stop service to meet every organization’s water and coffee needs. 

  • Edi-Soft Finland

    Solutions for transport administration

  • Eduix

    Ointernet software, web technologies

  • eeedo oy

    Smart social intranet which aims to build a culture of employee engagement

  • Effido

    Software development, web services

  • EFG Toimistokalusteet Oy

    EFG offers complete interior solutions for offices and public areas, we have a wide assortment with ergonomic and flexible office interiors to suit our customers unique needs.

  • Efore

    Custom designed power products for global partners in telecom, industrial electronics and EV market.

  • Ego-Tuotanto Oy

  • Elcoplast

    Measurement solutions

  • Elektrobit

    Embedded software and hardware solutions for automotive and wireless industries

  • Elenia Oy

    Elenia – electricity distribution and heating company.

  • Elerik Oy

    Rewinding and overhaul electric motors and generators. Industrial maintenance.

  • Elintarviketukku Rikainen Oy

    Full service wholesale company with fast service and reasonable prices.

  • Elisa

    Telecommunications and ICT services

  • Elomatic Oy

    We are engineering and consulting professionals and other technical experts that apply our diverse know-how to keep our customers ahead of their competitors. We achieve this by delivering superior value throughout the entire life cycles of our customers' products, services and investments.

  • Eltel Networks Oy

    Eltel is a leading European provider of technical services for the critical infrastructure networks – Infranets – of our society when it comes to power, communication and transportation.

  • Emerson Process Management Oy

    Emerson Process Management is the automation innovator with the depth of expertise and breadth of technologies to take on our customers’ toughest challenges and bring predictable success anytime, anywhere.

  • Empiros Oy

    Empiros Oy is a knowledge intensive business service company. We offer research, consulting and training services for the private and public sectors. We specialize in leadership and knowledge management issues. Also marketing and marketing communications are our field of experience and expertise.


    Empower builds, installs, maintains and repairs electricity and telecom networks, maintains power plants and factories and delivers ICT solutions.

  • Empty Hill Oy

    Game development

  • Emtele Oy

    Communication devices, connections and subscriptions, devices for remote diagnostics and control, SLA based control and management

  • Encap

    Embedded software services

  • Endpoint Solutions

    ICT services and consulting, hosting services

  • Enfo

    It outsourcing

  • Enmac

    Mechanical design and project management, R&D, technical design and plant and process engineering

  • Enron Network

    It outsourcing services, infrastructure services

  • Entlab OY

    develops, manufactures, markets and sells medical technology devices for diagnostics of ear, nose and throat diseases

  • Enwin Oy

    ENWIN OY delivers R & D projects and expert services in the area of environmental technology.

  • Eone

    customer e-business and the development of electronic services

  • EP-Productions Oy


  • Eppu Normaali Oy

  • Eräsalon Kirjapaino


  • Ergo-Istuimet

    Manufacturing of boat seats

  • Ergobath Ltd Oy

    Wellness technology

  • Erive-Metalli

    Manufacturing and Engineering Services of Equipment and Machines for Process Industry

  • Erkeme

    Machine shop production

  • Erp Consulting Salo

    SAP Financials consulting services

  • eSeteli Palveluverkko Oy

    Health service technology

  • Espotel Oy

    R&D services for Embedded Systems development.

  • eTasku

    eTasku offers the easiest way to get the receipts to the accountant and stores them to the cloud. eTasku has a mobile app for 3 platforms.

  • Eteco/Etteplan Oyj

    Eteco Oy specializes in designing pressurised equipment and pipework. Other areas of expertise include machine and equipment planning, materials handling and plant design.

  • Etra Oy

    Etra Oy is a Finnish specialised technology company, offering its customers a wide range of industrial products and services.

  • Etteplan Design Center

    Etteplan provides engineering services and technical product information solutions to the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry.

  • Eurofins Scientific Finland Oy

    Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries

  • Eurokangas Oy

    Eurokangas is a family owned company, that was founded in 1991. It is the largest retail outlet chain of fabrics in Finland. It is also a large importer.

  • Eurosuni Oy

    Wellness technology

  • Eurotank

    Eurotank designs and makes storage tanks and tank trailers, as well as systems and components for these in demanding haulage.

  • Eventia Oy

  • Evident Solutions

    Software development

  • Evry Business Solutions

    Consulting, IT Solutions, e.g. ERP

  • EVRY Business Solutions Oy

    As one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics, EVRY provides very extensive deliveries to Nordic companies, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities.

  • Exide Technologies Oy

    Exide’s stored electrical energy solutions - batteries, equipment and services for transportation and industrial markets - keep customers and their businesses powering forward.

  • Eximap

    We produce groundbreaking information solutions for smartphones so your business can provide better customer service. With our smartphone applications you can respond quickly to changes in business and in consumer market.

  • Expert ASA Oy

    Expert ASA is a part of Expert AS group, which is one of the leading electronic retailers in Scandinavia. It has over 50 stores in Finland.

  • Extensive Life Oy

    - Personal Health Monitoring - Occupational Health System Integration - R&D Web and Mobile Software Services

  • Extra Large Music Timo Isomäki Oy

  • Eyewitness Oy

  • Ezpian Oy

  • F-Montteeri Oy

    Event production

  • F9 Distribution Oy

    F9 Distribution Oy is a finnish IT and electronics wholesale company

  • Fagerhult Oy

    Fagerhult – for a light loving world. Fagerhult manufactures lights both ourdoor and indoor facilities.

  • Fantom Studio Oy

  • Fastems Oy Ab

    Flexible manufacturing systems, robot cells for automating metal cutting CNC machine tools and services related to automation

  • Fastpap

    Development and manufacturing of cleaning and cutting systems for pulp and paper indusrty

  • Ferlamec

    CNC turning, milling, machining, etc.

  • Fibox

    Fibox Enclosure Systems produces the broadest range of standard plastic enclosures for the electrical and electronics industries. Fibox focuses on design and manufacturing of thermoplastic enclosures for use in hostile and hazardous environments.

  • Fidelix Oy

    In Finland, the land of Santa, but also the land of the 1000 lakes, we are constantly in touch with nature. With winters easily as cold as -25°C, and summers easily as hot as 35°C, we know what seasons-change means! Our systems are developed precisely for that: maintaining a perfectly balanced and constant inside-climate. Regardless of the weather outside. Or actually, even anticipating on the weather outside!


    Byggmax offers high quality building materials for low price to both amateur and professional builders and construction workers.

  • Filmaattiset Oy

  • Fin-Lan Tampere

    ICT Consulting, services and equipment

  • Finbow

    Manufacture and maintenance of rolls throughout the paper- and board-making industry and the paper machine manufacturing industry

  • Finlayson Oy

    Finlayson studio, founded in 1951, was in the first wave of Scandinavian fabric design to conquer the world with its original, minimalist, colourful and fresh approach. Considering all this, it is easy to understand why Finlayson is still by far the most loved home design textile producer in Finland.

  • Finn-Elox

    Washing and cleaning agents, aerosol products and accessories

  • FinnGold Oy

    Finngold Oy is a Finnish importer and retailer of fashion jewelry and brand watches. Our brand lineup includes Gant Time, Bering Time, Dyrberg/Kern, Swiss Military Hanowa and Bulova. 

  • Finnkino Oy

    Finnkino is a leading cinema chain in Finland with cinemas in every major town.

  • FinnMedi Oy

    Growth-services for growth companies and companies planning to invest in Finland and clinical-services for clinical research medical device and R&D oriented companies

  • Finnpos Systems

    IT services and solutions e.g. paying IT for retail industry

  • Finnserviette

    Cardboard boxes, serviettes

  • Fintex-Tetrakem

    The company manufactures adhesives, paints, fibreglass wallpapers, water insulation products and sealing compounds for industrial needs as well as for industrial retail outlets and hardware and paint stores.

  • Fintractor Oy

    We offer machinery for construction, environmental modification and renovation.

  • Fit Biotech Oy

    Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery

  • Flexibilis

    Flexibilis focuses on critical communication and develops solutions based on FPGA technology. The main business is licensing of IP cores for device manufacturers.

  • Flockler

    Platform for creating, customizing and publishing social magazines, that combine editorial, curated and social content.

  • Flowertrucks

    Thermo transports between Finland, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands.

  • Fonecta

    Digital services

  • Forssa Print Tampere


  • Fp-Tuotteet

    Doors and movable walls

  • FRAK ltd

    Frak ltd is game dev company from Finland, Tampere.

  • Frei Zimmer Oy

  • Freight Frame Oy

    We ship cargo to and from Finland ourselves, using our own transport fleet. We have a large fleet of mega-trailers, box trailers and trailers for temperature-controlled and high-tech transport. We also provide cross dock facilities in the Netherlands and Finland.

  • Fresh It

    Cash register software, video surveillance systems

  • Frestems Oy

    Patient evacuation equipment and interior solutions to military ambulances

  • Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Finland Oy

    With roughly 2,200 employees at more than 30 locations around the world, we are one of the global technology leaders and a driving force in the field of air and liquid filtration.

  • FS Dynamics Finland

    We focus solely on our company core competence, which is in the industrial application of CFD and FEM.

  • Fsc-Service

    Sealing and safety valves testing services

  • FSM OY Fonel Security Marketing

    FSM has been the bridge between the leading security manufacturers and the Finnish security integrators and installers since 1991.

  • FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy

    We offer customer-oriented and environmentally friendly industrial surface treatment services covering the entire product life cycle, from defining conditions to surface treatment and inspections and post-warranty maintenance.

  • Ft-Ideas

    Machine shop production

  • Fujitsu Finland

    IT service and hardware provider

  • Fujitsu Finland Oy

    Japan's largest IT services provider and No. 5 in the world. 

  • Func Food Finland Oy

    Func Food represents comprehensive well-being and promotes an active way of life. We invest in top-class know-how and high-quality ingredients.

  • Futurice

    Web, mobile and enterprise solutions

  • Fy-Composites

    Lightweight solutions in the protection of personnel and vehicles. The product range includes helmets, visors, armoured panels and shields. Components and structures for demanding applications in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, transportation, etc.

  • Fysioline Oy

    Retail and sales of devices and services on sports, health care and rehab

  • Gaea Oy

  • GameStop Oy

    GameStop retail stores offers video games and gaming equipment

  • Gardner Denver Oy

    Air ends for OEM, Industrial compressors, Compressors for Marine and off-shore

  • Gav Group

    Pressurized containers: Tube heat-exchangers, spare parts and accessories, Drums and tanks, Pressure vessels, Process autoclaves

  • GBTimes



    global Chinese cultural export and training

  • Gebwell Oy

    Gebwell Ltd is a company based in Leppävirta specialized in environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions. Gebwell Ltd manufactures and sells equipment designed for connection to district heating and the utilization of ground source heat. In addition, Gebwell Ltd also offers heat well drilling all over Finland.

  • Gemilo

    Gemilo is the perfect fit for lucid organizations. Our customers get great results with the digital operatiing model we help them not just to design and achieve, but to operate with.

  • General Finland Osuuskunta

    General Finland came into being when a group of Finnish SMEs in the manufacturing sector joined forces with VTT to enable easier access to the Russian markets. A novel growth and internationalisation-oriented business model can offer strong background support, expert assistance, and a strategic approach to General Finland’s members. Customers also benefit from a higher-capacity service concept which operates on a flexible and efficient basis.

  • Genevia Technologies Oy

    Bioinformatics, data analysis and genomics consulting

  • Geniem

    Cross-Platform Apps for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry.

  • Gigantti Oy Ab

    Gigantti Oy ab is part of Elkjøp group. Gigantti is a consumer electronics retail store with 38 stores around Finland.

  • GigWhale

    GigWhale takes finding & promoting gigs to a whole new level. We provide you a bird´s eye view to a cities full of interesting music!

  • Gina Tricot Oy

    Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain offering exciting, feminine fashion to women in over 30 countries. Since the company was founded in 1997, we've been growing exponentially, now with 180 stores in five European countries and more than 2,000 employees.

  • Girafe

    Manufacturing of self propelled access platforms

  • GL&V Sweden AB Filial i Finland

    GL&V Pulp and Paper Group designs and markets equipment used in various stages of pulp and paper production, from pulp preparation to sheet forming and finishing. GL&V serves the global market with spare parts, rebuilds, upgrades and optimization services for new and existing equipment. 

  • Glassrobots

    Safety glass processing technology for the safety glass industry

  • Glaston Finland

    Glaston is an international glass technology company. We help our customers to succeed by providing them with the industry’s most extensive and highest-quality product and service portfolio. As the innovation and technology leader in glass processing, we continuously invest in product development. Our glass processing machines manufacture the most demanding and energy-efficient glass for the architectural, solar energy, furniture, appliance and automotive industries. We serve our customers worldwide.

  • Glitter Oy

    Glitter offers fashion conscious girls and women of all ages a wide selection of affordable fashion jewellery and accessories, together with a high level of personal service.

  • Gofore

    Software development, ict solutions

  • Granite Partners

    Security and risk management software development

  • Gredon Invest Oy / Chocolate Factory Dammenberg

    Chocolate manufacturing

  • Green Can

    Green Can Oy has specialized in the production of labelled rectangular cardboard drums, round composite cans and papertubes.

  • Green Song Music Oy

  • Greener Grass Oy

    Greener Grass offers a one-stop game development service that can take your idea from concept to launch, and beyond. We focus on casual to mid-core games and mobile platforms.

  • Grenotech

    Production measurement and quality management systems

  • Grey-Hen

    Data services and software for the car business

  • GreyCrunch Oy Ab

    Health applications.

  • Gs-Yhtymä


  • Gurux

    automated meter reading system

  • H & H Investeam Oy

  • H & M Hennes & Mauritz Oy

    H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company.

  • Haapanen

    Surface finishing

  • Haarla Oy

    Health care and pharmaceutical products

  • Hakalan Verhoomo Oy

    Lectica offers modified car interiors for vehicles in professional and private use

  • Haltu

    Learning solutions and platforms e.g. virtual desktop solution

  • Hämeen Kirjapaino


  • Hämeen Kuljetus

    Transportation, terminal and storage services

  • Hämeen Laitehuolto

    Maintenance and inspections of car lifts

  • Hämeen Offset-Tiimi


  • Hämeen Työstökonehuolto Ar

    Maintenance and repair of metal machinery

  • Hammasväline Oy

    Special equipment for dental professionals.

  • Hanafi Design Oy

  • Handico Finland Oy

    Assistive devices for people with disabilities and senior citizens

  • Hankkija Oy

    Hankkija Oy is a retail online store offering different kinds of agricultural products.

  • Hankkion Metallityö Oy

    Plasma and flame cutting

  • Happy Print


  • HappyOrNot

    Solution for continuous customer satisfaction improvement

  • Harman Connected Services Finland Oy

    HARMAN designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and connected services.

  • Hartman Järn Ab

    Hartman is a competitive and independent hardware store.

  • Havator

    Havator is a business group with operations that involve crane services, special transports, section assembly and harbor crane services.

  • HeadPower

    Contents- and application based services for energy and telecommunications sector.

  • Headsted

    We at Headsted turn evidence-based methods of leading Finnish psychotherapists into a positive, game-like experience. Our content is evidence-based, effective, and loved by our users.

  • Heavy-Sepät

    Earthmoving equipment maintenance and repairs. Repair of crushers, excavators, wheel loaders and trucks. Manufacture of metal structures.

  • Heinon Tukku Oy

    Heinon Tukku Oy is a wholesale/import company, which improts beverages, office supplies and groceries.

  • Helmee Imaging Oy

    3D inspection system for reflective objects Helmee Imaging Ltd. is a high-tech machine vision company that provides automated quality control systems for manufacturers of glossy products.

  • Hemtex Oy

    Hemtex is a design and home equipments retail chain.

  • Henkel Norden Oy

    Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial sector today and is well known for brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite.

  • Hervannan Koneistus

    Machining of cast components and welded structures. The size of the pieces may vary from a couple of kilograms up to thousands of kilograms. The company is specialized in bored and milled pieces.

  • Herwood Technologies Oy

    Small Finland needs export products. We do own part!


    a non-profit co-operative society, focused on bringing people to Gaming Business.

  • Hiking Travel, Hit Ky

  • Hilti (Suomi) Oy

    Hilti offers tools and services for construction sites

  • HiQ Visual Oy

  • Hm-Koneistus

    Welded steel structures, machining, surface finishing

  • Holetec Industrial

    Machine shop production

  • Hologram Monster

    Hologram Monster is a graphic art/game development studio from Tampere, Finland. Main focus on cute and cuddly characters.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell's business in Finland covers both industrial and building automation, and building maintenance services. Honeywell's pulp, paper and printing industries centers are located in Finland.

  • Honeywell Life Safety Oy

    Honeywell's detectors install quickly and easily. Point identification and maintenance alert capabilities make it easy to identify the detector in alarm and simplify service and maintenance.

  • Hopealoimu


  • Hotman

    The company is specialiced in structures made of refractory ceramic fibers

  • Hss Consulting

    IT consulting, ERP systems

  • HT Laser

    Water jet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, 3D robotic cutting

  • HTT 5 High Tech Tubing

    Equipment and machinery installations

  • Huiskula Oy

    Huiskula Group specializes in wholesale, production and import of cut flowers, floral greens and pot plants

  • Hur Labs Oy

    Human performance testing equipment

  • Huurre Finland

    Refrigeration services

  • Huurre Finland Oy

    Huurre is offering refrigeration services. The company is based in Finland.

  • Hybridiviestintä Effet Oy

  • Hydac Oy

    Your competent partner for all projects requiring fluid technology in connection with hydraulics, electronics and engineering.

  • Hydman

    Manufacturing of hydraulic control systems and special valves

  • Hydrosystem Oy

    Hydrosystem Ltd., originally founded in 1986 has grown over the years from just overhauling and servicing hydraulic motors into one of the most versatile hydraulic companies in Finland with international sales as well. Our annual turnover will be over 5Meur in year 2014. Since 2012 we have belonged to Volito Automation Group which aims to become the leading actor in its industry in the Nordic countries. 

  • Hypcom Oy

    Clinical hyperbaric chambers, high pressure gas systems and high pressure applications

  • Hype Productions Oy

  • Hyperkani

    Mobile games

  • Hytar

    Components and systems of oil and water hydraulics

  • Hytar Oy

    Our product programme covers a wide range of high quality hydraulic components such as valves, pumps, motors etc. by well known manufacturers, which are complemented by standard and custom made hydraulic cylinders from our own workshop.

  • Hyvätaito Oy

    Consultant services, business strategies, coaching, business development, service development. Family owned company, two experienced professionals helping you in your business challenges.

  • Hyxal

    Manufacture and marketing of aluminium cable ladders and trunking systems

  • Hyxo Oy

    Hyxo Oy is a dynamic, functional expert company. We operate in technical wholesale in the fields of instrumentation and water treatment and process and laboratory equipment.

  • I-cat Internet Catalog

    Marketplace for web services.

  • Iceflake Studios

    Iceflake Studios is an independent game development company from Finland founded in 2007. Although, our roots go as far back as 2003 while we started making game modifications.

  • ICF Protech Oy

    devices for hospitals and clinical use, tailored assistive devices

  • Icopal Oy

    The Icopal Group delivers high end products for flat and pitched roofing and offers a broad service range including installation services. Icopal’s core business are waterproofing systems with particular focus on membranes but also related building and roofing materials.

  • Ideal Product Data Oy

    We make product lifecycle management (PLM) simply work.

  • Idean

    Customer-driven user interface design, holistic research, market analysis and innovation services, digital concepts, applications and platforms for web, mobile and integrated industry systems

  • Ideascout Oy

    Innovation company. Co-creation for new strategies, products and services. 3D printing business development and coaching. Creativity.

  • Identoi

    Software solutions for workforce and material management

  • Ifelse Media

    This is Ifelse Media, where a couple of guys make games, web pages and other stuff.

  • Ifelse Media Oy

    Game development

  • Ifm electronic Oy

    From position and process sensors, object recognition, diagnostic and identification systems up to networking and control systems – the ifm product portfolio is tailored to your specific needs.

  • IFS Finland

    ERP solutions

  • IFS Finland Oy Ab

    IFS is a global enterprise software vendor providing solutions that help companies get better return on investment.

  • IGL-Technologies

    Wireless technologies, software and online solutions

  • Iivon Leipä

    Bread and pastries

  • IKEA Oy

    The world's largest furniture retailer.

  • Ikistoori Oy

    TV and video production, Sports programmes for YLE

  • Il-Met

    Metal product manufacturing, air conditioning machines, dampers etc.

  • Ilma-arena

    Air cleaning solutions, filtering products and services

  • Ilme Digital Oy

  • Image Wear Oy

    Working clothes

  • Indical Oy

    Validation and testing services for health care devices, training

  • Indiska Magasinet Oy

    We want to provide you with wonderful things for your wardrobe, for your home and garden, for yoga sessions and as a travel wardrobe to take you all around the world.

  • Indoor Group Oy

    Indoor Group with its chain concepts is a leading home furniture and interior furnishing retailer in Finland and its neighbouring areas. The group consists of two well-known and complementary retailing chains Asko and Sotka and its subsidiaries are Indoor Group AS in Estonia and the Finnish upholstery factory Insofa Oy.

  • InfoCare Oy

    As the leading independent Service Provider in the Nordics, we know how to work hard towards meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. 

  • Infotripla

    Complete IT services for transport and logistics business areas.

  • Ingman-Design Oy

    industrial design

  • Inion

    Biodegradable and bioactive implants

  • Inion Oy

    Inion Oy is a medical devices company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative biodegradable and bioactive implants for Speciality Orthopaedic, Craniomaxillofacial, Spinal and Dental applications.

  • Injeq Oy

    Hypodermic needles

  • Inmics Oy

    Inmics Oy is a finnish family owned company established in 1989. Inmics Oy designs and maintain IT environments.

  • Innogiant

    Independent game studio with attitude!

  • Innogiant Oy

    Game development

  • Innolion Oy

    Game development

  • Innometalli

    Engineering work for CNC machining, drilling, turning and milling and welding.

  • Insta Automation Oy

    Insta Automation Oy is specialized in industrial and process automation, electrical design, manufacture and installation. Our business covers the entire investment lifecycle from preliminary engineering to maintenance and modernization, as a turnkey service or as separate deliveries.

  • Insta DefSec Oy

    Insta DefSec provides its Finnish and international customers with solutions and services for network-based command, control and communication systems, as well as for information networking and security.

  • Insta Group Oy

    Insta Group Oy is a Finnish family business with the aim of building and maintaining a safe and competitive society. The group consists of four companies. Insta Automation Oy specialises in industrial automation, Insta DefSec Oy develops critical situational awareness and data security solutions and services, while Insta ILS Oy provides life cycle services for the aviation industry and Insta Innovation Oy focuses on virtual technology and innovative services.

  • Insta ILS Oy

    Insta ILS Oy is the leading provider of aviation equipment and system maintenance services in Finland. We take care of the research and development of equipment and entire systems until the end of the life cycle.

  • Insta Innovation

    Insta Innovation Oy serves its customers with the aim of enhancing safety, continuity and competitiveness in society through virtual technology and innovative services.

  • Instru optiikka Oy

    Instru Optiikka is a optician and eyewear retail chain.

  • Intel

    The Mobile Communications Research and Development team in Tampere is focused on mobile hardware and software platforms

  • Intel Finland Oy

    Intel is one of the largest technology companies in the world.

  • Interactive digital media Oy Indime

    Verstatile and experienced digital media marketing office.

  • Intermedius

    Intermedius specialises in manufacturing and subcontracting for the footwear, textile and furniture industries. They also produce high-tech non-woven materials for hygiene, geotech and moisture absorbing products.

  • International Biofuels

    Biofuels for off road and road traffic

  • Intoloop

    Campwire is the service for creating and selling your online courses and other information products online.We're also running Digivallankumous.fi (in Finnish) that teaches people and companies how to monetize their expertise through digital informati

  • Intoloop Oy/Starduck Studios

    Starduck Studios, Ltd. was founded in 2009 to create a service where people can connect to each other around a certain passion. In 2011 Starduck Studios introduced Intoloop Kids to the public. Intoloop Kids is becoming the leading online baby journal.

  • Intopalo

    A software house with an exceptional team.

  • Intrinsic

    Software solutions

  • Intrum Justitia Oy

    Grow and improve your business by taking advantage of the expertise and experience of Intrum Justitia, Europe’s leading Credit Management Services company. We offer both standalone and integrated services.

  • Invenco

    BI and DI solutions, Master data solutions,

  • Invitrotec Oy

    Embryology service

  • Iomine

    Software development

  • Ionphase

    Static dissipative polymers, that helps to manage ESD and static electricity related issues in plastics materials.

  • Ipe-Teräs

    Metal structures and parts, istallations

  • iRad Solutions Oy

    Diagnostical workstations for clinicians and radiologists

  • Isku Koti Oy

    Isku’s mission is to create the experiences of success for its customers at homes, kitchens, schools, workplaces and public spaces. Evocative design, Finnish quality and service according to customer needs are the core elements of the company’s operations.

  • Isolcom

    IT equipment and services

  • ISS Palvelut Oy

    ISS Palvelut is the third largest private employer in Finland, and the leading facility services company. 

  • It Vision


  • Itlab

    access control systems

  • Ixonos

    Design-oriented technology company that provides embedded solutions for “Industrial Internet”, as well as digital innovation to companies in their transformation to new digitally connected service business.

  • J&k International

    Billing systems, operations management systems

  • J.E.S.pictures

    Video production company

  • J.Karppanen Oy

  • J10 Architects Ltd.

    Architectural design for everybody.

  • Jackpot Films Oy

    film production (Kummeli stories)

  • Jakobin Sirkustuotanto Oy

  • Jaloterät

    Machining and assembly

  • Järvensivun Konepaja

    Machine shop production

  • JC Jeans & Clothes Oy

    JC Jeans & Clothes is a clothing retail chain.

  • JELD-WEN Suomi Oy

    JELD-WEN is a windows and door manufacturer.

  • Jet-Tekno

    Design and manufacture of refuelling and other ground service vehicles and equipment

  • Jilab Oy

    Reagent kits for ultrarapid immunohistochemistry.

  • JJ-Net Group Oy

  • Jjj-Automaatio

    Automation technology education

  • Jl-Tuotteet

    Forest and cleaning chemicals

  • JMP-Product

    Renovation, machining and spare parts

  • John Deere Forestry AB

    John Deere construction and forestry products are distributed through a network of more than 600 dealer locations worldwide. 

  • John Deere Forestry Oy

    Forest machines

  • Johnson Metall

    Bushings and bearings

  • Joiner

    Order processing, ERP and production planning systems

  • Joinex

    ERP, consulting

  • Jokilaakeri Oy

    JokiLaakeri Oy is a wholesale and retail company that has been selling machine components for over 20 years. We offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices and an ever-increasing selection of services.

  • Jolla Oy

    We are Jolla. We are Unlike. Jolla is a new Finnish smartphone powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and independent mobile operating system.

  • Jonasson

    Automotive interior design and equipment

  • Jonelec Oy

    Machine and subsystem manufacturing

  • Jonemet Työstötekniikka

    Subcontracting machine shop production

  • Jotel

    Electronic equipment, printed circuit board assemblies and automation and electrical centers

  • Jouka

    Design and manufacturing of ball valves

  • Jps Avarti-Met

    Machine shop production

  • Jptuf

    Services include comprehensive industry jobs, such as industrial equipment, mobile devices, assemblies, mechanical engineering and hydraulics

  • Jr-Muovi

    Injection moulding of plastic and mould manufacturing

  • Js Lasi

    Glass solutions for construction

  • Jta Connection

    Electrical and automation design and implementation.

  • Juha Tuomainen Oy

    Metal grinding

  • Juhlatehdas Oy

  • Junox

    Machine shop production

  • Jussinhannan Leipä

    Bread and pastries

  • Juuso Saastamoinen Tmi

    I design, code, shoot, mix & edit stuff.


    JYSK NORDIC is part of the global JYSK GROUP, which is a leader on the European market in all articles for the bedroom, the bathroom, the livingroom, the window and the patio.

  • K2 Audiovisuaalinen tuotanto OY

  • Kaeser Kompressorit Oy

    Kaeser is one of the largest and most successful suppliers of air systems, with over 5000 employees worldwide.

  • KaihlaSet Oy

    services for medical clothing, textiles and micro fiber products for high hygiene level use

  • KAJO Apuvälineet Oy

    assistive tools and software for using vision controll

  • Kalustopuuseppä P. Koivisto


  • Kangastus

    Kangastus is a Finnish textile company that designs, manufactures and markets fabrics and interior decoration textiles for the home.

  • Kapp Ahl Oy

    Our business concept is simple: to offer value-for-money fashion with a wide appeal to the many people.

  • Kassatieto

    Kassatieto supplies its customers a wide selection of products in reel format.

  • Kastikemestarit


  • Katepal

    Wide variety of bitumen-based roofing and waterproofing materials

  • Katsa

    Power transmission components

  • Kauppahuone Harju Oy

    Kauppahuone Harju Oy was established 1979 to provide quality products for DIY markets as a wholesaler. Key product areas are electrical power tools, garden tools, hand tools, electrical fittings and accessories. 

  • Kauppahuone Juha Viinikka Oy

    K-Citymarket is a vast grocery store.

  • Kekäle Oy

    Kekäle is a clothing chain specialized in quality clothing. It has operations in seven locations: Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Tampere, Lappeenranta,Kitee and Mikkeli

  • KerabitPro Oy

    We are a Finnish, profitable and liable manufacturer of bitumen roofing products. With us you can find the best solutions for roofing and waterproofing!

  • Kerko Sport

    Sports furnishings

  • Keskipakovalu Oy

    Bronze bearings, bushings, plates, rails, semi-finished bronze castings, sliding rings for pistons and other bronze parts for diesel engines

  • Keskustekniikka

    Electrical system deliveries for automation, machine and equipment projects, and for the power industry

  • Kespro Oy

    Kespro, a subsidiary of Kesko Food, provides the best available purchasing solutions for professionals in the HoReCa sector. Kespro’s broad selection includes fresh foods, processed foods, frozen goods, alcohol and brewery products, dishes and table setting products.

  • Kestomuovi

    Plastic products for different industries

  • Kiilto

    Kiilto's scope of business includes development, production and marketing of adhesives and related products.

  • Kiinnike-Kolmio

    Kiinnike-Kolmio is specialized in offering serviceses to construction companies

  • Kilosoft

    Network management systems and software development

  • Kinnarps Oy

    We believe in making life better at work. At kinnarps, we do more than just sell furniture. With products and services to match your needs, we deliver inspiring and effective workspace solutions to help your organisation prosper.

  • Kinshofer Finland Oy

    The KINSHOFER GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of attachments for loader cranes and hydraulic excavators, as well as for rotators, tilt rotators and rotary actuators. 

  • Kirjapaino Hermes


  • Kirjapaino Offset Ulonen


  • Kirjapaino Öhrling


  • Kitchen Service Ho

    Service, repair and installation of catering and restaurant equipment

  • Kiviliike Sairanen


  • Kivityö Kaseva

    Construction stones, e.g. stairs

  • Koetinkivi Oy

  • Koiso Oy

    Koiso is a high end men's fashion store

  • Koivunen Production Engineering

    Development of TV-production and AV solutions

  • Koja

    Koja manufactures reliable air-handling equipment and fans with low lifecycle costs for the construction and process fans for industry.

  • Kojair Tech Oy

    Microbiological safety cabinets and other clean-air devices

  • Komatsu Forest Oy

    Retail store selling Komatsu forest machinery.

  • Konecranes Service

    Maintenance and modernization services for all types of industrial cranes and machine tool equipment

  • Koneet Kiertoon

    Koneet Kiertoon gives used computers a new life by breathing Ubuntu Linux into them. We take donations of electronics and welcome volunteers!

  • Koneistamo Reini

    Machining and assembly

  • Koneistamo Valtsu


  • Koneja Santala

    Beam and plate structures from steel

  • Konekesko Oy

    Konekesko is a machinery trade company, focusing on the import, sale and after-sales service of construction, materials handling, environmental and agricultural machinery, trucks and buses, and recreational machinery.

  • Konepaja Enne

    Machine shop production

  • Konepaja Laikko

    Metal structures for demanding conditions

  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions Finland Oy

    Development, manufacturing and sale of multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), printers, equipment for production print systems and graphic arts, equipment for healthcare systems, measuring instruments for industrial and healthcare applications, inkjet printheads and textile printers for industrial use, and related consumables and solution services

  • Kontram Oy

    Kontram sells and supplies high-quality products and productive solutions to selected b2b customers.

  • Kopijyvä


  • Kopio Niini Finland


  • Kopla Games Oy

    Kopla Games is a mobile gaming startup from Tampere, Finland. The company was founded in 2015 by four seasoned developers who initially teamed up while working on Rovio's Angry Birds franchise.

  • Korja-Kumi

    Rubber products

  • Koskienergia Oy

    Environmental friendly electricity production.

  • Koskipanimo



    Kotilaakso Oy is a family firm based in Tampere. We engage principally in the manufacture, importing and distribution of various homecare and cleaning products. In addition to these our product range also includes interior decoration products, household goods, supplies for pets and small tools.

  • Kotiolo

    Wooden stairs

  • Kouluinfo Oy

    Our traffic education material has been used nationwidely since 1996. The material is produced by traffic education teachers and traffic professionals. The folders are published by Kouluinfo Oy, which operates with 20 employees in the city of Tampere.

  • Kp Tuote Pitkänen

    Steel structures, doors

  • Kraftpoint

    Mechanical and electronical maintenance services, construction, electrical and automation installations.


    Kruunukaluste has over 50 years of experience in furniture and home decoration.

  • KS Helsinki Oy

    Kyosho is a manufacturer and retailer of various types of RC-cars.

  • Kuljetusliike Tyvi

    Pick-up and distribution services, warehousing services

  • Kulttuuriosuuskunta Uulu

    folk music education, permorming, instruments

  • Kuomed Oy

    import of oftalmologic instruments for proffessional use

  • Kutalab

    Research and development of media technology specialized in music distribution

  • Kuulotekniikka Hakala Oy

    import of assisting devices of hearing, services on noise protection and ear monitoring solutions

  • Kuusakoski Oy

    We are the innovative and responsible pioneer of recycling solutions. We work with passion to produce the best recycling solutions and recycled materials for your needs ‒ always reliable, always on time.

  • Kylmä- ja Kuumahuolto Matikka

    Installations and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps

  • Kylmäset

    Maintenace and repair of cold machines

  • Kyy Games Oy

    Mobile game development

  • KyytiNet Oy

  • L&T Biowatti Oy

    Lassila & Tikanoja is a service company that cooperates with its customers to transform our consumer society into an efficient recycling society.

  • Laatukattila

    Boilers, district heating plants and waste burning equipment suitable for burning wood, chips, sawdust, bark, pellets, sod peat, coal, oil, gas and solid waste. Boiler outputs from 10 kW to 8 MW.

  • Laatukoru Oy

    Laatukoru Oy is the leading and most respected family owned jewellery chain in Finland. Laatukoru was founded in 1976. There are 13 Laatukoru stores and own jewellery factory in South Finland.

  • Laatupeite

    Blankets and pillows

  • Labkotec

    Manufacturing of electronic level gauges, flow detection devices and alarms, automation and detector technology, and web-based data monitoring solutions.

  • Labkotec Oy

    Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for various industrial applications.

  • Labwise

    Full-scale digital TV device testing services to TV broadcasters, network operators and device manufacturers.

  • Labyrintti Media

    Silver Bullet, MAIL to SMS and SMS to MAIL services, SMS to XLS, Mobile payment service, Text message voting service, content distribution for mobile phones

  • Lahdelman Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Laitosjalkine

    Development and production of ESD footwear and rank among the pioneers in the field of ESD footwear. Besides ESD shoes, complete range of safety shoes.

  • Lakewave Technologies

    Software development for record companies and program agencies

  • Länsilinjat Huolto Oy

    Motor vehicle services, vehicle part retail

  • Lanworld Finland

    Broadband and TV services

  • Laudatum Oy

  • Leadin Oy

    User Experience Services: User research, UI Design, SW Implementation

  • Leanware Oy

    Software development fot logistics and industry

  • Learnpoint

    Telecommunication consulting

  • Leguan Lifts

    Access platforms

  • Lehti Group Oy

    Machine shop production

  • Lehtolan Kone

    Machine shop production

  • Leipomo Ståhlberg

    Bread and pastries

  • Leivon Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Lem-Kem Oy

    Lighting solutions for both real estate and industrial purposes.

  • Lemonbite Media Oy 

    content creation services and translations

  • Lempäälän Vaihtolavat

    Pallet manufacturing

  • Leonidas Oy

    A design-led software company that crafts web services to meet real user needs.

  • Levytyö Särkinen

    Welded and plate-constructed machine parts and accessories, made mainly of heavy metal plates

  • Liaison Technologies

    Solutions to securely integrate, transform and manage complex business information on-premise or in the cloud

  • Liaison Technologies Oy

    Who’s managing your integration operations? It doesn’t have to be you. Liaison delivers data-centric solutions

  • Lidl Suomi Kommandiittiyhtiö

    Lidl is one of the largest grocery store chains in Europe.

  • Liekki Innovative Oy

  • Life and Death Productions

    Life and Death Productions is a music production and licensing company providing beats and instrumentals for artists, advertising, TV, film and spaces.

  • Lifehair

    Cosmetics manufacturing and marketing

  • Liisan Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Lindex Oy

    Lindex is one of Europe’s leading fashion chains with over 490 stores on 18 markets. 

  • Linkosuon Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Linord Oy

    Linord Oy offers professional international business consulting services and solutions, mainly targeting for China market. The main business areas are business consulting services, traveling and training services, promoting international trading and technology innovations etc.

  • Linssilude Oy

  • Lionbridge Oy

    Translation, online marketing, global content management and language technology application testing solutions

  • Liquid Air Lab Finland

    Mobile entertainment and multimedia advertising

  • Lite-On Mobile Oyj

    As a subsidiary of Lite-On Technology Corporation, Mobile Mechanical Strategic Business Group (SBG) is a global leader in mechanical solutions and services for the automotive, personal care, and communication device industries.

  • Liuskemestarit

    Slate solutions

  • Logia Software

    Supply chain management, erp integration

  • Logisteel

    Contract manufacturing and assembly production of various machines and equipment, smaller sub-assemblies and modules 

  • Logistic TKT Systems

    The company is specialized in high automation level manufacturing. High quality parts and assemblies with strong knowledge, wide range of machinery and loyal project management.

  • Lojer Oy

    Medical furniture and physiotherapy equipment

  • Lost in Music Oy

  • Löytötavaratalo Oy

    Löytötavaratalo is a retail store.

  • Löytötex Oy

    Löytötex is a family owned company with in total of nine retail stores.

  • Luikalan Päivänsäde Ky

  • Lujabetoni


  • Lumilab

    led solution for lighting

  • Lumire Oy

    Visualisation services

  • Lv Coatings


  • LVI-Dahl Oy

    Dahl is the leading HVAC-, public utility- and industrial pipe products wholesaler in the Nordic and Baltic region.

  • LVI-WaBeK Oy

    Copper pipes, steel pipes, furniture accesories, ventilation and well pumps.

  • Lymed Oy

    High class custom-made pressure garments w

  • Lynx Technology Finland Oy

    Software products that form the foundation for audience-interactive media experiences

  • Lyreco Finland Oy

    Lyreco offers supplies for offices and other working environments.

  • M-Files

    Content management (ECM) solutions

  • M-Shoe Makers

    Orienteering shoes

  • Machinery Oy

    Machinery Oy is a family-owned business established in 1911, and its line of business includes importing, marketing, installation, repair and after-sales services for machinery, equipment and technical accessories. We are part of Machinery Group, which also includes Amo Oy, an importer of toys and games.

  • MacPeople Oy

    MacPeople is the largest Apple retailer in thw whole of Finland.

  • Magnasense Technologies Oy

    Point of care testing

  • Mainio Vire Arwola Oy

    Mainio Vire offers nursing home services for the elderly.

  • Mainoskenttä Oy

  • Mainostoimisto Ilme Oy

    offices at Lahti and Tampere

  • Mainostoimisto Oivallus Oy

  • Mainostoimisto Värikäs Oy

  • Maintpartner

    Services to ensure the availability of technical processes within production industry and public sector

  • Mallikolmio


  • Mango Suomi Oy

    International clothing retail store chain.

  • ManpowerGroup Oy

    We find jobs for thousands of people every year, and we know how important it is to be given the opportunity to develop and grow in a job.

  • Mansen Levytyö

    Machine shop production

  • Mansepori Oy

    Retailer of leisure products

  • Maper

    Maper OY manufactures high quality 3-piece ball valves for industrial applications.

  • Markan Saha Oy

    Game development

  • Markkinointiviestinnän suunnittelutoimisto Mainio Oy 

  • Marko Strand Oy

    K-Citymarket is a vast grocery store.

  • Masino (Prospero)

    Metal hoses

  • Maskun Kalustetalo Oy

    Masku offers furnitures and other home interior products in three countires.

  • Masor Works

    Industrial maintenance and installations

  • Mastermark Oy

    At Mastermark, we want to offer you a unique assortment of high-quality business gifts and new ideas for sales promotion.

  • Mateko Oy

    Mateko Oy is a retailer of earthmoving machinery.

  • Matkailupalvelu Luna Oy

  • Mattersoft

    Public transport information control and traffic light priorities, demand-responsive transport, parking control, fleet management and logistics, intelligent transport related consulting

  • Maxipoint

    Enterprise Asset Management, Mobile solutions for maintenance, Demand Estimation and Reporting Solutions for Maintenance and Service business (EAMs, ERPs) ,Mobile report maker, Maximum Uptime wireless asset OEE-monitoring systems, Master Data Services, IT Services, Maintenance Consulting

  • Meanfish Oy

    educational games

  • Mech-Soft

    ERP solutions for manufacturing industry

  • Medfiles Ltd Oy

    Regulatory Affairs and Marketing Authorization Services Contract Research Organization

  • Media Gallery

    ERP solutions for small enterprises, web pages

  • Mediabeat Oy

    Advertising: sound/audio production, video production, photografing services, graphical and web design

  • Mediamaisteri


  • Mediaporras Oy

  • Mediasignal Communications Oy

    Communication & marketing, Web services & web stores, consulting & development and software development

  • Mediasignal Communications Oy 

  • Mediayhtiö B105 Oy

    Marketing management, Communications, E-Commerce, Wordpress, Drupal, Mascots, Social Media, Creative Design, Brand

  • Mediayhtiö Bermuda Oy

    Bermuda Oy is a digital media company specialized in storytelling, marketing strategy, media production, digital marketing and design in product and service development.

  • Mediq Suomi Oy

    Our products consist of devices, appliances and services for healthcare professionals.

  • Mediware

    Healthcare information systems.

  • Megatrex

    Equipment for mixing, grinding, crushing and homogenization

  • Mehiläinen Oy

    Mehiläinen Group is the best-known and most highly regarded private provider of health care and social services in Finland. 

  • Meliuse

    Meliuse is an online sales catalog for salespersons who needs to compete for the deal. With Meliuse you can storage all your product data in same place and also exploit everything you know about your competitor products. Knowledge and expertise of the who

  • Meltex Oy Plastics

    Established in 1993, Meltex is a Finnish manufacturer, importer and retailer of plastic products for the construction industry. The company has three plants in Finland producing plastic pipes and chambers.

  • Memar Pirkkala

    Fasteners, machinery parts and various kinds of sub-assemblies

  • MEP Steel

    Manufacturing and maintenance of construction equipment parts

  • Mepco

    Solutions for customer relationship management, finance management, enterprise resource planning, and human resource management for the public and private sector.

  • Mercamer Oy

    Mercamer has concentrated on selling machines and packacing materials since it was established in 1973.

  • Merus Power

    world-leading clean technology to improve power quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance.

  • Mesh Works Wireless Oy

    Wireless Sensor Network Solutions

  • Metallityö Hildén

    Mechanisation, assemblies, installations

  • Metallityö J. Annala


  • Metallityö Sanwell

    Machine shop production e.g. containers

  • Metallityö Välimäki

    Metal doors and indows

  • Metallityöliike Juholat

    Machine shop production

  • Metalpak

    Design and manufacturing of metal packaging

  • Metosin

    Software projects

  • Metsä Board

    Metsä Board Tako produces high-quality paperboard for demanding packaging. The factory employs ab. 200 people

  • Metso Automation Oy

    Process automation and information management application networks and systems, process measurement systems and analyzers, control, on-off and emergency shutdown (ESD) valves, intelligent positioners and intelligent condition monitoring

  • Metso Fabrics

    Filter fabrics and services for the pulp and paper, mining and chemical industries, energy production as well as for sewage treatment plants.

  • Metso Minerals Oy

    Full-scope solutions for mining industry, grinding mills, crushers, pumps, filters, thickeners, separation equipment, bulk materials handling solutions, conveyors

  • Metso Power

    Power, automation. environmental protection and flow control solutions.

  • Metso Pulp and Paper

    Pulp and paper manufacturing plants

  • Micropulva Ltd Oy

    Micropulva Oy Ltd is a private technology company operating in Pirkkala, Finland. Micropulva has a strong and longstanding experience of fine grinding, micronizing, classyfying and fractionizing of different dry and wet materials.

  • Microsoft Mobile Oy

    Microsoft Mobile is a multinational mobile phone and mobile computing device manufacturing company

  • Microtask

    Microtask creates a service for efficient global trading of task-based digital labor. Microtask operates purely with standardized and uniform tasks, which take a few seconds to carry out. All of the logistics are handled by computers. Results of labor are

  • Midnight Forge Oy

  • Mikon Leipä

    Bread and pastries

  • Mikro-Pulssi

    Design and installation of automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems to buildings, machines, vehicles, mobile equipment, and military applications.

  • Mikrotie Oy

    Game development

  • Millidyne

    Advanced coating materials and surface treatment technologies for customers in the metal, electronics, construction and process industries

  • Millog Oy

    Life cycle services including maintenance, repair and modification services for demanding systems. In the area of optronics development and manufacturing of thermal cameras multisensors, night vision systems and subcomponents.

  • Milltamo

    Machine shop production

  • Mimet

    Steel structures

  • Mindfindr Oy

    Psychological testing service

  • Mittrix

    Measurement solutions

  • Mitutoyo Scandinavia Aktiebolag Sivuliike Suomessa

    Mitutoyo is one of the world's leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment, offering a huge range of products from micrometers, calipers and dial gauges to hardness testers, vision measuring systems and 3D coordinate measuring machines

  • Mk-Venelasi

    Doors and windows for boats

  • Ml-Soft

    Software development

  • Mmd Networks

    Domain services

  • Mobile G Host

    Mobile and Internet services

  • Mobisoft

    Automated dispatching and wireless data transfer applications for passenger transport

  • Mobisoft Oy

    Mobisoft specializes in automated dispatching and wireless data transfer applications for passenger transport. 

  • Mobiteos 

    Game development

  • Modulaatio Games

    Game development

  • Modulight Oy

    Laser solutions from design and manufacturing of laser diodes to OEM-based optical sub-systems and turnkey laser systems

  • Modusteel

    Iron and steel fabrication, machine and equipment assembly, and machine component design

  • Moido Games Oy

    Moido Games is a casual games developer. We are available for iOS and web/facebook/flash -based projects. Our own games are mostly iOS -based.

  • Mokkamestarit


  • Molok

    Array of container sizes that can be used to capture waste, recyclables, organics, used cooking oil, and even used clothes.

  • Molto Bene Oy

  • More Electronics

    More Electronics represent leading suppliers of electronic components and solutions for the professional electronics industry in the Nordic and Baltic region. Our main focus is telecom, networking and embedded applications.

  • Movendos Oy

    Personalized coaching programs for trainers and coaches, directly to their customers smartphone

  • Moventor

    Friction measurement

  • MSc Electronics

    Converters in power range 1-500kW

  • Msc Traction

    AC and DC supplied auxiliary power converters, battery chargers and energy storage solutions with excellent power-volume-weight ratio.

  • MTP-Konepaja

    Machine shop production

  • MTV Oy

  • MTV Sisällöt Oy

    MTV is a finnish broadcasting company.

  • Muka Va Oy Visual Pleasure Oy

  • Mukilikat

    Bread and pastries

  • Multipress Oy

  • Multiprint


  • Munkkimiehet


  • Muodonmuutos Oy

  • Muotoilutoimisto Desart Oy

  • Muotoilutoimisto Näkemys Oy

  • Muotopeite

    Covering materials

  • Muototerä

    Waterjet cutting, KMT Waterjet Systems high pressure pumps, BuTech high pressure components, Cutting dies and presses, Chip classifier, Special machines

  • Muoviura Oy

    Muoviura Ltd is a family company established in year 1967. Muoviura offers thermo-and thermostatic products from design to finnished products. We work as a subcontractor within trade and industry. 

  • Music Recording Studio Juke ja Juuso Oy

  • Musiikkiteatteri Palatsi Oy


    Musti ja Mirri is a fast growing pet shop retail chain.

  • MW Power

    product development of bio power plants (Metso)

  • Mylab Oy

    Information services for the healthcare sector


    A new game design company with a great vision.

  • Nanofoot

    Automated diode laser characterization equipment for industry QA and R&D

  • Nanso Group Oy


  • Näsin

    Construction tools: masonry tools, floor tools, finishing tools and tiling tools

  • NCC Rakennus Oy

    NCC develops and builds future environments for working, living and communication.

  • NCC Roads Oy

    NCC develops and builds future environments for working, living and communication.

  • Necora Systems

    CRM solution for schools

  • Nekapaino


  • Nekos

    Material handling equipment

  • Nem Agency Oy

    Nem Agency is a agent and concert promoter. We organise shows for more than 35 domestic artists and work with around 40 international artists per year.

  • Neonelektro

    Neon signs

  • Neonpoint

    Neon signs, Neonpoint is a producer of wide-ranging and high quality illuminated signage and a provider of image building services.

  • Netcomp

    ERP and Information management services

  • Netled Oy

    Netled is a Finnish company developing, manufacturing and promoting unique LED technology based lighting systems for professional greenhouse growers. Our product range covers lighting solutions for single layer and multilayer crops as well as for interlighting of tall plants.

  • Netrauta Finland Oy

    Netrauta Finland is a hardware store.

  • Netum

    IT service provider

  • Neusoft Mobile Solutions

    Industry Solutions, Product Engineering Solutions, related software Products & Platform and Services

  • Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy

    Neusoft offers a wide range of products and services inclusive of medical imaging equipment, e-hospital solutions, regional medical, and personal healthcare.

  • Nevil


  • Newelo

    Solutions for integrating mobility into any business

  • Newsec Asset Management Oy

    Newsec – The Full Service Property House in Northern Europe – is by far the largest specialized commercial property firm in Northern Europe. 

  • Nice-Business Solutions Finland

    Software solutions and services in areas of business IT and Mobility.

  • Niklas-Sport Oy

    Intersport is a sport retail store.

  • Nilson Group AB, filial i Finland

    Nilson Group AB has retail stores such as Dinsko and Skopunkten.

  • Nira Pumps Oy

    Hand pumps for the most demanding environments

  • NJP Työstö

    Small size components

  • Nk Nettikaista

    Telecommunication systems

  • NMC Cellfoam Oy

    NMC Cellfoam Oy was founded in 1975. Our business area covers tech designing, manufacturing and selling of flexible polymer foam and cell rubber products. 

  • Noisetek

    Design and production of sound insulation materials in large and small volumes, such as damping and insulation mats, sealing, thermal insulation materials, acoustic enclosures and monitoring rooms.

  • Nokeval

    Design, development and manufacturing of measurement instruments and systems, especially wireless sensor networks and related products and services. Top product is Ova service for collection, visualization and reporting of measurement data. Temperature measurement is our special field of expertise.

  • Nokian Metallirakenne

    Steel and aluminium structures

  • Nokian Nahkatuote

    Bags and leather goods

  • Nokian NPT

    Sheet metal and steel structures

  • Nokian Panimo


  • Nokian Raskaat Renkaat Oy

    Special tyres for forestry, agricultural, industrial, harbour and mining use

  • Nokian Ruiskupuriste

    Sheet metal, press work, CNC machining

  • Nokian Teollisuusapu

    Industrial automation, installations and equipment

  • Nokian Tyres plc


  • Nomet

    Machined and surface-finished metal components, special screws and subassemblies

  • Nomovok Oy

    Nomovok is a leading expert in building and integrating embedded Linux systems and connecting customers to the cloud. We have more than 10 years of experience in Open Source deployments and most recently we have focused on delivering complete software solutions for products on tablets, handsets and IVI segments. We employ 60 OSS experts globally and have additional 300 experts available through selected OSS partners. We are privately held company, registered in Helsinki, Finland. Our offices are located in Finland and China. More information from www.nomovok.com.

  • Nordic LAN & WAN Communication Oy

    Nordic LAN & WAN Communications is a company concentrated in information security and realestate security solutions.

  • Normiopaste

    Road sign manufacturing

  • Norrhydro

    Hydraulic cylinders, product development

  • Novacast

    Ready-to-assemble aluminum components and systems

  • Novart Oy

    Quality kitchens for all kinds of facilities.

  • Novatron

    Machine control systems for construction machines

  • Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating

    Performance-enhancing coatings for tools and precision components

  • Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating Oy

    Oerlikon Balzers is the world's leading supplier of coatings that significantly improve the performance of tools and precision components. 

  • Ohjelmanaiset Oy

    Mimi and Kuku, performing animal characters for small children

  • Oilon Scancool Oy

    Oilon Scancool is a leading Finnish supplier of refrigeration systems and manufacturer of heat pumps and chillers. The industrial refrigeration expertise of Oy Scancool Ab, established in 1984, created a solid foundation for Oilon Scancool’s current cooling and heating applications. 

  • Onninen Oy

    Onninen provides comprehensive material and information flow solutions to contractors, industry, public organizations, technical product retailers and suppliers. We are a Finnish company and have operated in the industry since 1913. We have 3,200 employees in our Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Baltic operations.

  • OP-Teräs

    Subcontracting machine shop production

  • Optiplan Oy

    Optiplan's focus is on office and housing design

  • OptoFidelity

    Machine vision and optical measurement technology

  • OptoVertex

    Optovertex offers full service on interactive 3D, 360 and traditional photography for web and other digital media. Typical applications in web stores.

  • Oracle Finland Oy

    With more than 420,000 customers and deployments in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. 

  • Orava.co

    Orava.co is recruitment company. We bridge the gap between employers and employees, offering a space where you can meet, discuss and share ideas.

  • Oricopa

    R&D services for embedded systems development

  • Oriveden Erikoiselementti


  • Oriveden Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Oriveden Ohutlevytekniikka

    Welded steel structures

  • Oriveden Sanomalehti Osakeyhtiö


  • Orneule

    Orneule is the largest manufacturer of metric knit goods in Finland.

  • Orsiteräs

    Welded steel structures

  • Ortto-Kenkä

    Orthopedic shoes and footwear

  • Ortto-Kenkä Oy

    Orthopedic shoes and footwear

  • Osakeyhtiö Nallellaan

  • Osakeyhtiö Osk. Rajala

    Rajala offers reliable and expert service since 1919. Rajala aims to be the best supplier in its area in immortalising, preserving and presenting memories. For capturing memories, we offer the best cameras, objectives, stands and other photography equipment.

  • Oseir

    Industrial process imaging systems

  • Osuuskunta Länsi-Maito

    Valio dairy products are made from the pure Finnish milk. In them, you can taste the pristine Arctic nature.

  • Otis Oy

    Otis is the leading manufacturer of elevators.

  • Otus Creative

    We offer complete game experiences according to the customers wishes. Game product as a learning tool. High quality 3D modeling, design and visualization for your every need. Production of graphical materials, website, brand identity and print media for various purposes.

  • Ovako Metals Oy Ab

    Ovako is a leading European producer of engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries.

  • Ovumia Oy

    Fertility clinic

  • Oy Aga Ab

    AGA has a comprehensive range of industrial and specialty gas products and services, and technical support to meet the requirements of our customers. AGA is also a reliable supplier of LNG and biogas. For private homes AGA is offering propane and sparkling water products.

  • Oy Atlas Copco Kompressorit Ab

    Our expertise is in compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems.

  • Oy Atlas Copco Rotex Ab

    Our expertise is in compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems.

  • OY Combi Cool AB

    Combi Cool Ab is the leading wholesale company of any devices.

  • Oy ExpoMedia Finland Ab

    events and fairs production

  • Oy FinDeltaco Ab

    Deltaco is the leading distributor of IT-products in the nordic countries.

  • Oy G. W. Berg & Co Ab

    Oy G.W. Berg & Co Ab offers laboratory analysis, weighing and quality control solutions to versatile customer base since 1926.

  • Oy Grönblom Ab

    Grönblom Oy is the leading technology industries' tool supplier in Finland. Grönblom also imports machinery and diesel engines.

  • Oy Grundfos Pumput Ab

    Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. We contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

  • Oy Hartwall Ab

    Hartwall is the leader in innovation in the beverage industry in Finland. Hartwall’s product portfolio includes beers, ciders and long drinks, bottled waters, soft drinks, juices and speciality drinks as well as, through our subsidiary Hartwa-Trade, wines and other alcoholic beverages.

  • Oy Johnson Metall Ab

    Oy Johnson Metall Ab casts and machines bronze-alloy plain bearings and machine parts to the client’s specifications with great precision. Fully meeting the client’s quality requirements and ensuring timely delivery are the mainstays of our operations.

  • Oy Kontino Ab

    Our business operations in the welding sector of the machine and equipment construction industry serve the medium and heavy engineering industries.

  • Oy Konwell Ab

    Oy Konwell Ab provides high quality Industrial valves and applications for different fields of industry, our core business being steam and condensate applications. Alongside our extensive and high quality products, we offer you our broad expertise that covers everything from valve sizing and system planning to consulting and maintenance.

  • Oy Kuehne + Nagel Ltd

    With over 125 years of logistic expertise Kuehne + Nagel has evolved from traditional forwarding company to one of the world's leading provider of integrated logistic solutions. 

  • Oy Lining Ab

    Lining is specialized in both waste water and clean water solutions.

  • Oy Medical Video Series Ltd

    Medical video services

  • Oy Motley Ltd

  • Oy Movetec Ab

    Movetec Oy is marketing and assembling components and systems based on mechanics, electro-mechanics and hydraulics to customers in the manufacturing industry.

  • Oy Nestepaine Ab

    The biggest Finnish owned hydraulics company statued in the logistical hub of the country: Oy Nestepaine Ab at your service

  • Oy Pameto Ab

    Etra is a Finnish family business that specialises in industrial products and has achieved an important role in Finnish industry. In addition to services covering all of Finland, Pameto exports products to many large industrial countries.

  • Oy Pelma Ab

    Pelma is a wholesale company concentrated in agricultural products.

  • Oy Powerit Ltd

    Tapahtumia ja festivaaleja kiertävä puhelinten latatuspalvelu.

  • Oy Santaco Sport Ltd

    Union five is a finnish clothing webstore.

  • Oy SCA Hygiene Products Ab

    SCA is one of the world's largest companies in personal care products, the world's third-largest supplier of tissue and one of Europe's most profitable producers of forest products.

  • Oy Selecta Ab

    Selecta is the leading vending and coffee services company in Europe with a turnover of MEUR 740 and 4’300 employees. 

  • Oy Teboil Ab

    Oy Teboil Ab is a full service oil company, engaged in the importing, marketing, sales and distribution of oil and energy products in Finland.

  • Oy Teknocalor Ab

    Teknocalor AB is a over 50 year old HVAC company.

  • Oy Woikoski Ab

    Oy Woikoski Ab is an independent gas producer with a long history as a forerunner in the chemical industry. We offer consumers a wide range of gases, oxygen therapy equipment for home use, welding machines and equipment, and other gas products, including propane.

  • Ozics Oy

    Orthopedic surgery and biomaterial science. Innovative bone cement product developmen

  • P & K Steel

    Process, device and pipe support systems as well as pipe assembly equipment systems and steel structures

  • Packlink

    Packing material

  • Padio Oy

    Sidewing mobile app provides complete and always up-to-date product and service information and automated reporting to all salespersons.

  • Paino Arra


  • Pajadata

    Sowtware for construction industry

  • Pajakulma

    Pajakulma is a leading Finnish designer and manufacturer of bespoke, multipurpose commercial vehicles and machine equipment solutions.

  • Pajakulma Oy

    Pajakulma equips versatile commercial vehicles according to the customer’s needs and ensures the maximisation of their productivity and operational reliability.

  • Pajaservice

    Machinery design and manufacture and maintenance service.

  • Pajatyö Keskinen

    Steel structures, surface finishing

  • Panda Security Sweden AB

    Panda Security is an international provider focused on cloud-based security solutions and on-premise solutions, with products available in more than 23 languages and millions of users located in 195 countries around the world.

  • Panic Art Studios Oy

    Game Company.

  • Paperinkeräys Oy

    Waste management services.

  • Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Finland Oy

    With annual sales exceeding $13 billion in fiscal year 2015, Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

  • Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Finland Oy Lokomec

    Hydraulic control systems

  • Parma

    Concrete elements

  • Parma Oy

    Parma is the largest manufacturer of cement elements in the whole of Finland.

  • Paroc Panel System Oy Ab

    Paroc Group is an international stone wool insulation producer. Our head office is in Finland, and we have production facilities in five countries, with representative offices across 14 countries.

  • Partioaitta Oy

    Partioaitta is an retail chain concentrated on outdoor and hiking equipment.

  • Pasaati

    Management Consulting

  • Pateko

    Metal subcontracting work and valves manufacturing

  • Patria

    Defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions

  • Patria Hägglunds

    AMOS® (Advanced MOrtar System) mortar turret

  • PCB Connect Oy

    By refined logistical solutions and careful handling of both customer information as well as our Printed circuit boards we are a member of our customers supply chain and secure our customers production with a long-term collaboration in focus.

  • Peab Oy

    Peab is one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies.

  • Peakmetrix

    laboratory equipments, consumables, services

  • Pegasor

    Fine- and nanoparticle sensor technologies

  • Peiron

    Kokemäki foundry is specialized in ductile cast iron and steels, and Kangasala foundry in grey cast iron

  • Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions Oy

    We have been serving top class coffee and complete vending solutions since the early 1970’s. Over the last 40 years we have developed and grown to become Europe’s most renowned provider. 

  • Peltolan Pussi

    Production of high-quality paper bags

  • Pensi Rescue Oy

    Ambulance and patient transport equipment.

  • Pentik Oy

    Pentik is an international interior design retailer, who wants to bring northern beauty and cosiness to homes. In our opinion, an inspiring home can be created by combining Finnish handicrafts and the most beautiful discoveries from all around the world. Our ceramics factory is in Posio, Finland.

  • Pepperl+Fuchs Oy

    Pepperl+Fuchs is known by customers around the world as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology. Our main focus is always on your individual requirements: With a passion for automation and groundbreaking technology, we are committed to working in partnership with you now and in the future.

  • Personalhuset Staffing Group Oy

    Personalhuset Staffing Oy offers staff and recruiting services for companies.

  • Phoenix Contact Oy

    We offer you the best possible solutions for your electronics, electrical engineering, and automation tasks.

  • Phonak Aktiebolag filial i Finland

    We are committed to understand the challenges faced by people who live with hearing loss, and to improve the quality of their lives.

  • PhysioTools

    Software to create personalised exercise programs for rehabilitation and fitness

  • Piceasoft OY

    PC software to phone retail to transfer content from an old phone to a new one. PC software to consumers to download videos and music from the Web directly to any device

  • Pierre Fabre Pharma Norden AB Filial i Finland

    Pierre Fabre is the 2nd largest dermo-cosmetics laboratory in the world and the 2nd largest private French pharmaceutical group. 

  • Pikasauma


  • Pikotec

    Electronics for measuring, controlling and monitoring the hydraulic functions of operating devices in working machines

  • Pilkington Automotive

    Glass technology for the automotive industry

  • Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

    Pilkington Group Limited is a multinational glass manufacturing company 

  • Pilkku-Tuotanto Oy

  • Pingvin Designs Oy/eKansio.fi

    eKansio.fi is a new unique platform for creating custom cloud services. It revolutionizes the way companies use cloud apps.

  • Pirkan Avartajat

    Subcontracting machine shop production

  • Pirkan Elektroniikka


  • Pirkan Kovakromaus

    Surface finishing, chrome coating

  • Pirkan MS-Kojeisto Oy

    Electrical and automation engineering and project management, technical solutions, components, sensors, control and security technologies

  • Pirkan putkikeräys

    Pirkan Putkikeräys is operating an automated pipe-based waste collection system in Vuores residential area.

  • Pirkanmaan Energianeuvonta

    We act as a sales representative for EnergiaGuru service, which is owned By Suomen Energianeuvonta Oy

  • Pirkanmaan Kaihdintehdas

    Window blinds

  • Pirkanmaan Laatuetiketti

    Labels and stickers

  • Pirkanmaan Laatutyö Oy

  • Pirkanmaan Laboratoriotekniikka

    Laboratory equipments and technical services

  • Pirkanmaan Lehtipaino


  • Pirkanmaan Levytyö

    Welded steel structures, machining, surface finishing

  • Pirkanmaan Maatalouskauppa Oy

    Our customers include agricultural entrepreneurs, machinery contractors, and equestrian professionals and enthusiasts. We offer better agricultural trade with expertise. From us, our customers get sustainable solutions that we provide with our local partners.

  • Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa

    S Group is a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. It has more than 1,600 outlets in Finland. S Group comprises the cooperatives and SOK Corporation along with its subsidiaries.

  • Pirkanmaan Ristikko

    Roof trusses

  • Pirkkalan Kalustepalvelu

    Kitchen furniture

  • Pirkkalan Koneasennus

    Design,manufacturing, installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Equipment for processing, transmission and storage of powdery granular substances.

  • Pirkkalan Taikametsä Oy

  • Piruetti

    Dancewear and accessories for ballet, gymnastics, fitness, flamenco, skating and hip hop dancing

  • Pitney Bowes Oy

    At Pitney Bowes we thrive on helping our clients navigate the complex world of commerce. We provide data so businesses can market to their best customers.

  • Pixact

    Imaging services and solutions for industrial process monitoring

  • Pk-Paino


  • Plandent Oy

    Plandent Oy is the leading dental care company in Finland.

  • Plannja Oy Ab

    We design, develop and produce roofing, façade elements and every imaginable accessory to add value and convenience to buildings.

  • Plantagen Finland Oy

    Plantagen is a leading gardening retail chain in the nordic countries.

  • Plastiroll Oy

    Solution-oriented packaging materials

  • Playground Music Oy

    Playground music Oy is an independent label company absen in Tampere, Finland.

  • PLM Group Suomi Oy

    The intuitive and high torque software solutions generate 3D capabilities to sell, design, manufacture, deliver and service better products, faster and more cost-effectively. 

  • PMC Polarteknik

    Hydraulic assemblies, system solutions and pneumatics

  • PMC Polarteknik Oy Ab

    PMC Polarteknik develops and manufactures hydraulic assemblies, system solutions and pneumatics, focusing on the Industrial and Mobile Systems areas but also for Marine and Energy applications.

  • Pohjanmaan Lipputoimisto Oy

  • Pohjolan Voima Oy

    We produce energy at cost for our owners reliably, cost effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner

  • POKO Records(=EMI Finland Oy)

  • Polarmatic

    TURBOMATIC™ thermal energy unit is developed to solve all heating and heat treatment needs in concrete mixing plants and associated concrete element factories

  • Pole Dance & Fitness Academy Oy

  • Polygon Finland Oy

    Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration, serving a range of sectors including insurance, property management, government and industrial clients.

  • Poplandia Music Oy

  • Porkka Finland Oy

    Porkka is an internationally recognised Finnish designer and manufacturer of commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, chilled and hot food storage equipment, beverage counters and chilled display cabinets. 

  • PostNord Oy

    In the Nordic countries, we’re able to quickly and easily service 25 million homes and 2.5 million businesses. Due to our long experience and superior knowledge of the region, we know exactly how to combine the best solutions to suit your specific demands.

  • Potkan Oy

  • Pp Logistiikka

    Manufacturing of wood packaging and packing. Transportation and warehousing.

  • PragmatIQ

    Gamification, simulation games for corporates

  • Prank Entertainment Ltd.

    PRANK is an independent game developer of ambitious SPACE-MONKEYS sharing years of experience in the industry.

  • Prima Pet Premium Oy

    Prima Pet Premium's own brands include the Hau-Hau Champion for dogs, PrimaCat for cats as well as Freddy and Birdy for pet rodents and small pet birds.

  • Prime Time Music Oy

  • Primoceler

    Micro welding and machining systems

  • Primoceler Oy

    Primoceler is your developing partner specializing in laser micro welding andscribing of transparent materials globally.

  • Pro Fantasy Safari Oy

  • Pro-Lämpö

    Pellet boilers, burners and chimneys

  • Proact Finland Oy

    Proact is Europe's leading Independent storage integrator and cloud services enabler. 

  • Process Flow Ltd Oy

    Process Flow was founded in 1992 and it is the leading Finnish company offering computational fluid dynamics services. Our services also include a full array of mathematical modeling and structural analysis. 

  • Prodigium Game Studios Oy

  • Proffice Finland Oy

    Proffice Group is one of the Nordic region's largest specialists within staffing, recruitment and outplacement. Through our passionate commitment and high degree of attentiveness we help people and businesses to find solutions to develop. 

  • Profilight Oy

  • Profirator

    Consulting in the fields ofbroadcast, DVB, IPTV and media

  • ProMart Oy

    Promart Ltd. - Professional tools and accessories We want to offer best service, fast delivery and long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders. We have customers from many different industries; construction, manufacturing, maintenance, garages etc. We keep our customer satisfaction in really high value which we strive to do with good customer service, comprehensive range of products and through well working service solutions.

  • ProPromotion Oy

    PR agency specialized in music; album releases, shows, tours, events, festivals and TV shows.

  • Prospercart


  • Protacon Solutions

    Consulting, design and engineering, implementation, and maintenance & upkeep.

  • Protest Design Oy

  • Protieto

    We improve organization mobile communications. Just like Whatsapp or Skype, but we focus on company workflow communications.

  • Ps-Print

    Product labels, advertising labels, thermal labels, heat-transfer labels, logistics labels, transfer labels, tickets, product tags, special labels, sheet labels, food films, sleevers, in-mold labels, laminating solutions, and heat-transfer foils.

  • Puhdistus.fi

    We solve your special cleaning problems, what´s your problem we can help you with?

  • Pukkila Oy Ab

    Pukkila is the only producer of ceramic tiles in Finland. The company is known for its varied product range and is a member of the international Ricchetti Group.

  • Pumtek

    Maintenance, renovation and repair services for pumps and pumping stations

  • Punamusta


  • Puristeteos Oy

    A metal industry subcontractor with long experience in diverse component, systems and project deliveries. We provide everything from designing to manufacturing.

  • Purso

    Purso produces extruded aluminium profiles, products processed from them and versatile aluminium building systems. Purso has also own LED lighting system SNEP.

  • Puuhatoimi Oy

  • Puuilo Oy

    Puuilo is a finnish department store chain.

  • Puumerkki Oy

    Puumerkki is a building materials wholesale chain specialising in wood based products and serving building  contractors, retailers and industry in Finland and Baltic countries.

  • Puutyöliike Mikko Ojanen

    Wooden furniture

  • Pv-Hydrauli

    Repair and maintenance of hydraulic machinery

  • Pyrollpack

    Packing material from paper and carton

  • Pyynikin matkailupalvelut Oy

  • Qbitech

    Business and technology intelligence, concept development, product, application and service development, usability studies, consulting

  • Qit


  • Qplus

    Metrology software for machine workshops

  • Qualcomm Atheros Finland

    Wireless and wired technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets

  • Qualcomm Atheros Finland Oy

    We are from many different countries and speak many different languages. We come from diverse cultures and have unique perspectives. Together, we focus on a single goal—invent mobile technology breakthroughs

  • Quha oy

    Health aid technology.

  • Quva Oy

    Quva Oy is a Finnish company offering high-class analytics solutions for its clients in a variety of industries.

  • Radax

    Accessories for medical equipment and customer specific products for process control and automation

  • Radical Pictures Oy

  • Rakennustuote Ristimäki

    Reinforcing bars

  • Rakla Tampere

    Glass and glazing systems

  • Ramboll Finland Oy

    Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. We employ 13,000 experts and have a strong presence in the Nordics, North America, the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and India, supplemented by a significant representation in Asia, Australia, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Ramentor

    Development and deployment of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) software products

  • Ratas Music Group Oy

  • Rautakesko Oy

    Rautakesko Oy is part of Kesko Oyj. Rautakesko is concentrating on hardware stroes.

  • Rautalaaki

    Machine shop production

  • RD Velho Oy

    industrial design.

  • Realmachinery Oy

    RealMachinery sells and rents new and used heavy machinery and equipment. Company is based in Finland. As a new operating model we also offer equipment purchase and lease-back services for construction companies and contractors.

  • Rebex

    Rebex offers groundwood and stock preparation equipment services, overhauls and spare parts for paper and board mill customers. We also offer erection work, start-up services and assembly work at our workshop.

  • Reborn

    Game development

  • Redicom

    Identity management and data security solutions

  • Reflekron

    Customized solutions for pulsed laser systems

  • Regus Management (Finland) Oy

    Regus offers offices and other spaces for company use.

  • Rejlers Oy

    Full service engineering

  • Relacom Finland Oy

    Realcom is the leading provider of technolofy solutions in the nordic countries.

  • Remion

    Remote monitoring and diagnostics systems (machine to machine communication systems)

  • Remmitalo Virolainen

    Handbags, saddlery and harnesses

  • Renesas Mobile Europe

    Application processors, mobile phone platforms, slim modema platforms and datasheets

  • Renewa Oy

    We offer sustainable combustion solutions for local energy production using biofuels in heat and power plants. Innovative technology, solid project experience as well as maintenance and life cycle services combined in the possibilities of our own workshops guarantee you a trouble-free energy plant project – all the way from fuel receiving to flue gas cleaning.

  • Respecta Oy

    Logistics center in Tampere Kaukajärvi. Assisting devices and related services

  • ResponsiveAds

    Responsive advertisement solution for responsive web design

  • Reventon


  • Rexel Finland Oy

    Rexel provides tailor-made electrical equipment and services to professionals engaged in the construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures. 

  • Ricoh Finland Oy

    Ricoh Finland offers expertise to office management and printing.

  • Riikonen Group

    Machine shop production

  • Rimeforge Entertainment

    Rimeforge Entertainment is a fresh company established in 2014 and situated in the city of Tampere, Finland. Focused on game and software development, our core team consists of graduates from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

  • Ris-Pert


  • Roadscanners Holding Oy

    Established in 1998, Roadscanners Oy is a consulting company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure condition monitoring and management. Roadscanners provides consulting services, hardware systems and software.

  • Robit Rocktools Ltd

    Robit Rocktools Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality rock and ground drilling tools.

  • Robonic Ltd Oy

    Robonic Ltd Oy is the premier global supplier of UAS launch systems. We offer a family of pneumatic technology solutions providing cost effective and flexible zero point or short rail launch of unmanned aircraft and target drones.

  • Roce Partners

    Business Process and Supply Chain Management

  • Rockadilla Records & Production

    music production

  • Rocket Fuel Media Oy

  • Rockit

    IT project and service management, Product portfolio, lifecycle and requirements management, Agile SW development methods (Scrum, Kanban), ERP systems (SAP, Lean System), Process development, concept creation and IT solution designing, Implementation and integration of the IT systems, Logistics management and development

  • Rocla Solutions Oy

    Rocla Solutions is a forklift truck retailer, but it also offers maintainence and service.

  • Roihu Inc

    Markkinointiviestinnän palveluyritys Roihu Inc. auttaa rakentamaan brändillesi tarinan. Kysy lisää!

  • Rolemet

    Steel structures, part manufacturing

  • Rolltechnic Finland Oy

    Rolltechnic Finland sells high quality coponents for industry use.

  • Rongo

    Data warehousing, master data management, business intelligence

  • Rotator Oy

    Rotator has supplied first class machines to the Finnish market since 1954. Rotator has about 20 positions all over Finland.

  • RTV-Yhtymä Oy

    RTVYhtymä Oy is the largest privately-owned wholesale and retail home decoration and paint company in Finland.

  • Rudus Betonituote


  • Rudus Oy

    Rudus is the leading provider of rock based construction materials.

  • Run Thunder Software Oy

  • Runteq Oy

    develops ultimate fitness technology products

  • Ruohonjuuri Oy

    Ruohonjuuri Oy is a retail chain spesialized in organic products

  • Ruokakesko Oy

    Ruokakesko Oy is part of Kesko Oyj. Ruokakesko is concentrating in grocery retail stores.

  • Ruukki Construction Oy

    We provide advanced technology, through responsive partnerships and time-tested practices, help us to fulfil your dreams, whether you build new buildings, or renovate.

  • Ryanair Ltd

    Ryanair is an international airline company.

  • Rytmipolku Oy

  • S&M Decor Oy

    S&M Decor Oy offers online wholesale

  • Saarioinen

    Food manufacturing

  • Sademan

    Waterproof heavy-duty solutions to defense forces, law enforcement & security organizations and railway companies; overalls and warning garments to civil defense units and lumber jacks; non-woven outfits to laboratories & hospitals; raincoats, capes, pants, wading trousers and aprons for leisure use

  • Safeplast

    High-quality plastic spirals and textile products for various hose and other protection purposes.

  • Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka Oy

    Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka offers ay technology solutions for all kinds of spaces.

  • Sajakorpi

    Industrial brushes

  • Sakara-tuotanto Oy

  • Salhydro Oy

    Salhydro Oy is an importer and distributor of large variety of technical hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, fittings and other industrial equipment in Finland.

  • Samiweb Solutions

    Designing, building and management of Web-services, Graphics and lay-out’s for websites, Search engine advertising, search engine optimization, Result-based affiliate marketing, Marketing opportunities of social media, Wide-scale advertising campaigns in the Web, Internet marketing consultation

  • Sampo Software

    Gesture recognition and 3D modelling products

  • Sampo Software Oy

    Expertise in Computer Vision and 3D modeling with global customer base.

  • Sandvik Mining & Construction

    Equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk-materials handling

  • Sandvik Mining and Construction Finland Oy

    Equipment for rock drilling, rock excavation, processing, demolition and bulk-materials.

  • Santen Oy

    Ophthalmic and anti-rheumatic pharmaceuticals

  • Sarlin Oy Ab

    Sarlin Oy Ab is forerunner in industrial compressed air, automation, and sustainable energy technology.

  • Sasken Finland Oy

    IC Design, Hardware Design, Platform Software, Feature Phones, Smartphone OS, Multimedia Solutions, Wireless Networks

  • Satron Instruments

    Satron Instruments develops, plans and manufactures innovative process instruments and smart measurement devices for the mesurement of pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, temperature, density and level.

  • Savupojat

    Meat products

  • SCA Tissue Finland

    Oy SCA Hygiene Products Ab manufactures high-quality Lotus products such as toilet paper and household towels in Nokia at the SCA Tissue Finland Oy factory.

  • Scaffdex Oy

    Tissue engineering and biotechnology

  • Scan-Cast

    Office furniture

  • Scanclimber

    Our main objective is to develop and supply SCANCLIMBER® mast climbing work platforms and material- and personnel hoists for different kinds of high rise jobs and to suit the needs of the contractor or rental company.

  • Scanclimber Oy

    Work Platforms Applications

  • Scandic Hotels Oy

    Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with a network of 230 hotels with almost 44,000 rooms in seven countries and annual sales of SEK 12.2 billion 2015.

  • Scandinavian Outdoor Oy

    Our Tampere store is found in the heritage filled Klingendahl industrial building. There are plenty of roadside parking spots and the store is only one kilometer away from the center, making for easy access even on foot.

  • Scania Suomi Oy

    Scania is a global company with a sales and service organisation in more than 100 countries. Aside from sales and services, Scania offers financial services in many markets.

  • ScanSun Oy

    We develop and create ideas of a new range of innovative products and houses. Sun, wind and earth energy is our future. With our products, we try to create a cleaner environment wherever it is needed.

  • Schenker Cargo

    Advanced transport, logistics and information services

  • Schenker Oy

    DB Schenker supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods: in land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight, contract logistics and supply chain management. 

  • Schindler Oy

    Schindler manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type of building requirement worldwide.

  • Schneider Electric Finland Oy

    Schneider Electric specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.

  • Seclan

    Network services, data security solutions, email services

  • Securitas Oy

    We provide Security Solutions to a wide range of customers in a variety of industries and customer segments. 

  • Selected Retail Oy

    Selected Retail Oy clothing retail stores have fashionable clothing for both women and men.

  • Selog Oy

    Selog Oy offers roof solutions for all kinds of buildings.

  • Semantix Finland Oy

    We can help you with translation, interpreting and language training within manufacturing and technology, medicine, law, banking and finance, advertising and media, IT, the automotive industry, energy and many other industries.

  • Sensotrend

    Sensotrend is a diabetes dashboard improving treatment by automated data collection, enhanced visualizations and easy sharing.

  • Senvir Oy

    Measure locally - follow remotely

  • Seppälä Finland Oy

    Seppälä is a finnish clothing retail chain.

  • Seulatek Oy

    Components for infra construction

  • SEW-Eurodrive Oy

    We move the world! What does that mean? Countless conveyor belts, bottling plants, gravel plants, your luggage at the airport and much more would stand still without our motors, gear units, gearmotors, corresponding automation technology and range of services. Over 16,000 employees worldwide keep you in motion.

  • SFCO (Solar Fire Concentration Oy)

    Solar Fire is a cost-effective technology for concentrating sunlight for thermal needs. Our hub is on GoSol.org

  • SGS Fimko Ltd.

    Inspection, verification, testing and certification services

  • SGS Fimko Oy

    SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 85,000 employees, we operate a network of more than 1,800 offices and laboratories around the world.

  • Sharkfish Studios Oy

  • Sidoste


  • Siegwerk Finland Oy

    Siegwerk is an international, market leading manufacturer of printing inks for packaging of any kind as well as newspapers, magazines and catalogs. 

  • Siemens Osakeyhtiö

    Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization.

  • Sigma Solutions

    Information Logistics and IT & Management

  • Siirtokonehuolto Pentti Luoto

    Repair and maintenance of trucks

  • Silkkipaino Mäkisalo


  • Silmäasema Fennica Oy

    Silmäasema is an optic and optician company with over 130 stores all around Finland.

  • Silverbucket

    Project portfolio management tool

  • Sim Finland

    Perfume free or hypoperfumed hair care products

  • Simsotec

    Production facilities and equipment maintenance

  • Sinelli Oy

    Sinelli is a crafts and craft paper retail store chain with 10 stores around Finland.

  • SITA Suomi Oy/Suez

    Nowadays called Suez, we are one of the largest environmental companies in Europe.

  • Siuron Metallirakenne

    Welding of aluminium structures

  • Sivuteollisuus Oy

  • SJ-Taito Oy

    SW testing, Test automation, Test Audition, Mobile testing

  • Skanska Infra Oy

    Skanska is one of the world's leading project development and construction groups. 

  • Skanska Rakennuskone Oy

    Skanska is one of the world's leading project development and construction groups.

  • Skanska Talonrakennus Oy

    Skanska is one of the world's leading project development and construction groups. 

  • SKS Control Oy

    Drawing on its strong technical skills, the SKS Group offers product and service solutions to machine and equipment builders in Finland and other selected market areas.

  • Slo Oy

    We offer our customers Finland's most extensive range of electrical, telecommunications and automation products.

  • Slothmachine

    Slothmachine is a fresh independent game studio from Finland, run by two dudes with a shared vision that the best games are the ones that gather friends together.

  • Smart Files

    Digital marketing services, web pages and services

  • Smart Wall Paint Finland

    mart Wall Paint on valkotaulumaali, jolla valjastat minkä tahansa sileän pinnan luovaan käyttöön.

  • SMARTRAC Technology Finland Oy

    SMARTRAC is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and IoT solutions, providing both ready-made and customized offerings, suitable for a large number of applications.

  • SmartVisio Oy

    Communication technology

  • Smurfit Kappa Pirkan Pakkaus

    Packing material from paper and carton

  • Smurfit Kappa Pirkan Pakkaus Oy

    Smurfit Kappa is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world, with around 45,000 employees in approximately 370 production sites across 34 countries and with revenue of €8.1 billion in 2015.

  • SNT-Group Oy

    SNT-Group Oy manufactures industrial accessories for wide range of  companies all over the world. Established in 1948 as Suomen Nauhatehdas,  we have served our customers with dedication for over 60 years and  today we are stronger than ever. The success of our customers is our  driving force.

  • Sodexo Oy

    Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon in Marseilles, France, Sodexo is now the worldwide leader inQuality of Life services.

  • Sofia Digital

    Sofia Digital is an internationally recognized provider of interactive video and TV solutions, bringing new value-adding services to different TV terminals utilizing latest digital technologies. Sofia Digital focuses on open standard interactive platforms, HbbTV, broadcasting automation tools as well as digital signage. Since its foundation in 2000, Sofia Digital has served internationally recognized operators, broadcasters and device manufacturers in over 35 countries.

  • Sofigate Tampere Oy

    ICT management and development

  • Sofor

    Device-independent solutions for welfare and safety management, customer information and document management

  • Softability Group

    Industrial R&D, cloud solutions, test automaton

  • Softatech

    Engine management system

  • Sol-Kaihdin

    Window blinds

  • Solenis Finland Oy

    Today, we are a leading global specialty chemical supplier and one of three water treatment companies with a truly global footprint. 

  • Solita

    Digital business consulting and services

  • Solotop Oy

    Solotop Oy is the largest manufacturer of scales in Finland. Solotop has manufactured their Crystal scales since 1975.

  • Solteq

    Operational and financial control services developed according to plan to commercial, logistics, industrial and public administration actors.

  • Somea Oy

    Social Enterprise #socent provides ICT Consulting, Training and Systems for improving Your Businesses.Wellness and work against social exclusion. Tools for prevent Burn-Out and to assist People in returning to work. #wordpress sites and #ecommerce solutio

  • Sondex Tapiro Oy Ab

    Sondex Tapiro Oy Ab is an import and sales company founded in 2010, specialized in technical fluid- and heat handling products.

  • Sorin Sirkus ry 

  • Sorvaamo Niemenmaa

    Machine shop production

  • Sorvauskumppanit

    Special screws, plugs and sockets, welding machine parts, sub-assemblies

  • Sound Of Finland Oy

  • Sound Reel Finland Ky

    game audio programming, expertise of designing sound for games, game audio DSP technologies and audio programming with different API's.

  • Sp-Extra

    SP-Extra manufactures and imports various POP/POS displays and merchandising systems

  • Specma

    Development, testing and manufacturing of the smallest system component to the most complex hydraulic systems

  • Specma Oy

    Specma offers expertise and services in hydraulics and pneumatics.

  • Spinlet

    Spinlet is a company focused on meeting the needs of music lovers allowing them to buy, listen, share, and manage music all within a user friendly mobile platform.?<br /><br />Spinlet is the premier mobile music download platform bringing medi

  • Sports Tracking Technologies Oy

    Mobile software tools for health coaching.

  • SPR Veripalvelu

    Blood service and products

  • SPU Oy

    Pioneering new technologies with energy conservation at their heart.

  • Spyric Entertainment

    We are a group of Finnish students in our early twenties, who are passionate about games.

  • Sq Consulting

    Design and implementation of industrial and production control systems

  • Ssf-Pyörä

    Manufacturing of transmission parts, such as gears, gear shafts, drive shafts, locking differentials, complete gearboxes and gearbox parts

  • ST-Koneistus

    Aluminium and steel-based special subplates, valve blocks and special cylinders

  • Stadium Oy

    Stadium is a sports retail chain which has stores in Nordic countries and Germany.

  • Standa

    Working clothes

  • Staples Finland Oy

    Products and services for your company.

  • Starflower Games Oy

    Starflower Games is a game company based in Tampere, Finland.

  • Startax Auto-Electronics Oy

    Startax Auto-Electronics Oy is a modern and efficient importer and distributor of automotive electrical spare parts and diesel parts.

  • Steam Republic Oy

    a fan relationship management service

  • Steel Vision

    Stainless and acid-proof plate, piping and machining. workshop is dedicated in making machinery, parts of machinery and parts of piping from acid-proof and stainless steel. Long thin plate weldings and black steel lining.

  • Stena Recycling Oy

    The Stena Metall Group offers recycling services in five geographical markets through various companies operating under the Stena Recycling name. As a result, we are used to thinking across borders. This is evident from our customer solutions.

  • Stena Recycling Oy

    The Stena Metall Group offers recycling services in five geographical markets through various companies operating under the Stena Recycling name. 


    Music and event production

  • Sto Finexter Oy

    Sto is best known for award winning, high quality renders and external wall insulation systems. We are also developing a reputation for prestige acoustic projects with our exquisite range of acoustic systems.

  • Stockmann Oyj Abp

    Stockmann is the largest department store chain in Finland. Tampere Stockmann is the second biggest department store in Finland.

  • Stora Enso Oyj

    Our expertise in wood and other biomass is focused on responding to customer and consumer demand in a changing world, alongside the responsible use of nature’s resources.

  • Streamplay

    Embedded Design Services company with a blend of highly experienced and skilled technical team in software development and hardware design of high definition professional video systems.

  • Studio Kari Savolainen

    Studio and on-site photography.

  • Studiogenes Oy

  • Sukkamestarit


  • Suntrica

    Suntrica Ltd from Finland offers flexible and high-efficiency portable solar chargers, working primarily for personal electronic and portable devices.

  • Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy

    Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy is the largest book retailer in Finland. It was established in 1912.

  • Suomen 3M Oy

    We bring clarity to people’s lives with display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics and more, thanks to the expertise of our Display and Graphics division.

  • Suomen AV-Tuotanto Oy

  • Suomen Euromaster Oy

    Our core skill in supplying tailored tyre management solutions has earned us a long list of clients ranging from some of the most respected private and public sector fleets in the country through to the smallest business owners.

  • Suomen It-Infra

    IT infrastructure services

  • Suomen Kenttävaruste

    Sports furnishings

  • Suomen Kulutusosa Oy

    Wear Parts for almost every occasion. We will serve you quickly and efficiently at competitive prices.

  • Suomen Lämpöikkuna Oy

    Lämpölux has windows for all kinds of buildings. Lämpölux has over 300 employees.

  • Suomen Musiikki & Media-Tapahtumat S.M.M. Oy 

    Music&Media conference

  • Suomen Polkupyörätukku Oy

    Polkupyörätukku is a finnis bicycle retail chain founded in 1994. Polkupyörätukku has 16 stores all a round Finland.

  • Suomen Proteesimestarit Oy

    prosthesis for limbs

  • Suomen Rakennuskone Oy

    Suomen Rakennuskone Oy is one of the leading importers of earthmoving and mining machinery in Finland.

  • Suomen Säiliönpääty

    Dished and flanged tank heads for complex pressure vessels and various tanks, expansion bellows, calottes and cones also sundry ball molds and parts of industrial fans and blowers.

  • Suomen Tapahtumatuotanto Oy

  • Suomen Teatteriopiston Tuki ry 

  • Suomen Teollisuuskylmä

    Installations and maintenance of refrigeration equipment

  • Suomen Videostage Oy

  • Suomen Yliopistopaino


  • Suominen Joustopakkaukset

    Packaging for hygiene and food applications, and retail sector.

  • Suoraman Elementti

    Facade element manufacturing, specialized in high quality precast concrete facades

  • Super Mukava design osk.

  • Supersounds Music Oy

  • Surveypal

    Transform your online surveys into great customer experiences! Use Surveypal to design beautiful, cross-device surveys that boost response rates. Simply drag & drop, publish and start collecting responses today.

  • Suuntaamo Oy

    Perfecting User eXperience. User-centered services for product development: usability testing, interaction design, UX evaluation

  • SW-Development

    Development of production profitability improving software

  • SWECO Industry Oy

    Sweco@Co-Creation is a user-centred planning process involving both building and space designers and end users. 

  • Sydän-Hämeen Safarit Oy

  • Symbio Finland

    Software engineering and product design

  • Symbio Finland Oy

    We are a global software engineering and R&D services company.

  • Symetri Oy

    With over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, we provide our clients with expert guidance covering everything from 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management, Building Information Modelling and Facility Management.

  • Symmetria Software

    Solutions and systems for e-business needs: e-Consultancy, e-Solution and e-Services

  • Synopsys Finland Oy

    Synopsys, Inc. is the Silicon to Software™ partner for innovative companies developing the electronic products and software applications we rely on every day

  • Synsam Finland Oy

    Established in 1968, Synsam is the leading optician retail store chain in the nordic countries.

  • System-300

    Development and manufacturing of bowling equipment

  • Systematic

    Decision making software for defence, health and public sectors

  • Systematic Oy Finland

    Software products and development for command and control systems, situational awareness and healthcare

  • Taerosol

    Manufacturing of technical aerosols for the needs of electronics and industries

  • Tagmania Oy

    Easy-to-use mobile Internet services both for public and private sectors. Location-awareness, maps, Internet content and cool new technologies!

  • TaiFin Glass Machinery

    Equipment and production lines for the safety glass industry

  • TaiFin Glass Machinery Oy

    Equipment and production lines for the safety glass industry

  • Taipale Telematics Oy

    Driving management systems

  • Taju Games Oy

  • Takoma (Hervannan koneistus Oy)

    Production of power transmission components, complete hydraulic systems and components and demanding machining services

  • Talart Oy

    wheel chairs and assistive tools for cars

  • Tallink Silja Oy

    Tallink Silja retail store.

  • Tam-Tele Oy

    security and communications systems for hospitals and health care organisations

  • Tamcorro

    Surface finishing

  • Tamico

    Communication, cloud and data security services

  • Tamlans Ab Oy

    Manufacturing of minibuses, buses and emergency vehicles

  • Tammer-Suoja

    Tailor-made seat covers for cars, thermal products for the recreational vehicles, aircraft parts, such as seat covers, seat cushions, curtains, tailored carpets and turbine covers.

  • Tammer-Tukku Oy

    Tammer-Tukku Oy is one of the leading wholesale companies in Scandinavia.

  • Tammer-Tutkan Maljat Oy

    Bacteria cultivation tools and devices, liquidics

  • Tammerfest Oy

  • Tammerkosken Teollisuus

    Covers for construction use

  • Tammermatic

    Vehicle wash systems

  • Tammerneon

    Signage solutions for retail chains and business locations with over 40 years´ experience!

  • Tammerprint


  • Tammervoima Oy

    Tammervoima Oy is a power plant company owned by Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy and Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy.

  • Tampere Business Campus TBC ry

    Tampere Business Campus (TBC) is an non-profit association consisting of its member companies in the Tampere region. TBC has been created to encourage businesses to enhance their competence development processes and to convey good practices related to human resource development.

  • Tampere Region Economic Development Agency - TREDEA

    Tredea, the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency, maintains and strengthens the magnetism of the Tampere central region and fosters prerequisites for successful business.

  • Tampere-talo Osakeyhtiö

  • Tampereen Autocenter Oy

    Tampereen Autocenter is a car retailer based in Tampere.

  • Tampereen Kaihdintuote

    Window blinds

  • Tampereen Keskustekniikka Oy

    The Keskustekniikka Group is specialised in electrical automation system solutions.

  • Tampereen Kiipeilykeskus Oy

  • Tampereen Komediateatteri Oy

  • Tampereen Komediateatteri säätiö

  • Tampereen Kondensaattoritehdas


  • Tampereen Kulttuurikamari Oy

  • Tampereen Lihajaloste


  • Tampereen Liikeacryl

    Plastic products for consumer markets

  • Tampereen Markiisit

    Awnings and blinds

  • Tampereen Offsetpalvelu


  • Tampereen Pesuainepalvelu

    Cleaning products and chemicals, high pressure washers, cleaning tools

  • Tampereen Puhelin Oy

    Tampereen Puhelin Oy, founded in 2003, is a local ICT and solution house

  • Tampereen Rajamerkki

    Measurement solutions

  • Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy

    Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy (TSP) is a distributor and wholesaler of electrical components and accessories from 1968!

  • Tampereen Sanser Ltd Oy

    Sanser is a company concentrated in advertisement and business gifts. It was founded in 1997.

  • Tampereen Teatteri Oy, TEATTERITALO

  • Tampereen Teatterin Palvelu Oy

  • Tampereen Teollisuusosa

    Machining and sub-contracting

  • Tampereen Teollisuussähkö Oy (Ciptec)

    TTS-Ciptec is leader in optimising Clean-in-Place systems and delivering high accuracy sensors for industrial use.

  • Tampereen Terästyö

    Machine shop production

  • Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus

    Gaskets and shims

  • Tampereen Toimistolaite Oy

    TTL Systems offers ICT and POS services

  • Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Oy

    The biggest and oldest workers theater in Finland, est. 1901

  • Tampereen Vesileikkaus

    Waterjet cutting

  • Tamrex Oy

    Tamrex Oy has specialized in safety products. We import and distribute various safety products for fire brigades, industry and households. 

  • Tamro Oyj

    ​Tamro has a vitally important role in the Finnish well-being chain: we ensure that pharmaceutical distribution to pharmacies, hospitals and other health care service providers is conducted reliably and in a timely manner. Furthermore, Tamro distributes an expanding range of health products to meet the needs of retailers and consumers.  

  • Tamrotor Kompressorit Oy

    Tamrotor Kompressorit Oy meets the needs of Finnish industry in all compressed air and vacuum applications. Our clientele consists of thousands of Finnish companies. We deliver compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, dryers and filters to many different manufacturers all over Finland.

  • TamServices

    Services to all glass processors using Finnish machines. Solutions maintain, recondition or upgrade machine capabilities, save energy or extend machine lifetime with a new PLC control system.

  • Tamsilk


  • Tamsong Music Avoin yhtiö

    Music publishing

  • Tamsys

    Remote Infrastructure Management, Managed Open Source Applications, IT Consulting (Information & Technology Strategies)

  • Tamtron Group

    Digital, dynamic and onboard weighing equipment, vehicle PC and data handling systems

  • Tamturbo Oy

    Direct drive, high-speed motor based turbo compressors, producing oil-free air for industrial pressure levels 6-9 bars, in middle size power range 50 - 250 kW.

  • Tamware

    Door solutions for transportation vehicles

  • Tana Oy

    Tana's mission is to provide customers with simply more money on the bottomline with cutting edge technology in solid waste management combined with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems. The objective of this mission is to improve our customers' business and enable them to increase revenue - from waste to value.

  • Tanla

    Mobile application development

  • Tanssikoulu TANSSIS Oy 

  • Tanssistudio Razzmatazz Oy

  • Tapahtumatuotanto VOLTTI Oy 

  • Tapka

    Bread and pastries

  • Tapnotec Oy

    Tapnotec Ltd (Tap Noise Technology) is a green technology company which develops novel acoustic water consumption measurement solutions. Products will be cost effective, easy to install and remain highly reliable in the long term. unique and novel acoustic liquid flow measurement method, offering a solid ground for the fast growth of business

  • Tapola

    Meat products

  • Taprotek

    Taprotek specializes in the design and production of parts and equipment of paper and paperboard machinery

  • Taputa Oy

    Mobile feedback. Listen, Learn, Improve! Taputa is on market to help organisations to listen and hear their customers for better customer understanding to increase business. We do it really easy for companies and their customers.

  • Tarratuote

    Roll labels for industry and trade use

  • Tasowheel Group

    Precision mechanics and power transmission

  • Taylor Nelson Sofres Suomi Oy

    As one of the largest research agencies worldwide we provide actionable insights that help you make impactful decisions that drive growth. We are part of Kantar, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups.

  • TAYS Sydänkeskus Oy

    heart operations and treatment on cardio vascular deseases

  • TDC Finland

    Telecommunications solutions and Pay-TV

  • TeacherGaming LLC

    TeacherGaming is an independent game development company started by teachers and developers from the United States and Finland. Our mission is to expand game-based learning into classrooms worldwide. Our product lineup includes educational versions of the award-winning games Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, which have been praised by gamers, parents, and teachers alike.

  • Team Action Zone

    Established in 2010, Team Action Zone is a Finland-­based innovation leader that provides cutting-edge mobile solutions for location-­based activities.

  • TeamUp

    Teamup is The Fansite for Sports, Music, and the Arts. An award-winning social media community that is revolutionizing sponsorship activation and fan experience.

  • Team Action Zone Oy

    Development of innovative outdoor games

  • Tecalemit Flow Oy

    We are specialized on measuring and control solutions for a wide range of applications and supplying measuring devices as well as solutions for the industry, power generation, machine workshops, engineering companies and OEM manufacturers.

  • Techila Technologies

    High Performance Computing (HPC) middleware solutions

  • Techila Technologies Ltd

    High-Performance Computing

  • Teeri-Kolmio

    Wood panels

  • Teknikmagasinet Finland Oy

    Teknik Magasinet is a retail store chain concentrated in consumer electronics.

  • Teknikum

    Rubber hoses, mouldings, vibrating, wear protection

  • Tekonivelsairaala Coxa Oy

    Joint replacement operations

  • Telatek Service

    Coating and maintenance technology, machine and equipment installations

  • Teleperformance Finland Oy

    We are the worldwide leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management. Teleperformance  connects  the biggest and most respected brands on the planet with their customers by providing  customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, digital solutions, analytics, back-office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions. 

  • Teleste

    Video and broadband technologies

  • TeliaSonera Finland

    Telecommunication services

  • TeliaSonera Finland Oyj

    With a strong connectivity base, we’re the hub in the digital ecosystem, empowering people, companies and societies to stay in touch with everything that matters 24/7/365 - on their terms. 

  • Temp-Team Finland Oy

    Temp-Team Finland Oy offers staff and recruiting services for companies.

  • Ten

    Development and production of rib-fabric of both basic and more technical quality for demanding and heavy use in functional clothing.

  • Teräselementti

    Steel halls


    We are specialised in high quality tools for metal industry. Our target is to find the best solutions for our customers' processes.

  • Testirauta

    Machining and sub-contracting

  • Tevella Oy

    Tevella offers products and solutions for kindergardens and schools.

  • TH-Concept Oy

    Clothing stores, including Tommy Hilfiger and Guess.

  • Th-Line

    Installations and maintenance

  • Th-Metalli

    Manufacturing of different kind of sawmill machinery and conveyor systems, blade steering systems for circular saws and log butt-end reducers, rock drilling and container handling machine parts

  • TH-Tools Oy Tampere

    Industrial tools

  • There Corporation

    Energy Efficiency and Home Energy Management solutions for consumers. Solutions include real-time energy monitoring andenergy use optimization

  • Thermal Dynamics Oy

    Thermal Dynamics offers quality solutions in the area of plasma cutting.

  • Think Creative Finland Oy 

    Thought-to-Thought Interaction

  • Tibnor

    Supplier of steel and non-ferrous metals to the manufacturing industry

  • Tibnor Oy

    Tibnor is the Nordic Region's steel and metals supplier.

  • Tieto Finland

    Life-cycle IT services: Managed Services, Consulting and System Integration and Industry Products

  • Tietovelhot

    It solutions for retail industry

  • Tiger Stores Oy

    Tiger is a Danish retail concept with shops all over Europe and in Japan.

  • Tiny Acorn Productions Oy

    Game development

  • Titako

    EDP-programs (software) for engineering-, furniture- and plastic industry.

  • titta testaa


  • Tmi Susanna Mustajärvi

    PTCA Health Coach, personal trainer

  • Tmp-Ilmastointi

    Air conditioning maintenance

  • TNS Gallup Oy

    As one of the largest research agencies worldwide we provide actionable insights that help you make impactful decisions that drive growth. 

  • TNT Suomi Oy

    TNT is a global logistics company.

  • Toimex

    Bracketst for construction

  • Toiprint


  • TomFloor Production Oy 

  • TOOLS Finland Oy

    Industrial products and components.

  • TOP-TOY A/S, filial i Finland

    TOP-TOY is the largest retailer for children’s toys and related products in Northern Europe. 

  • Toshiba TEC Nordic AB, filial i Finland

    Toshiba is a multinational company with products like televisions, computers, laptops, top speed trains, medical devices, electronical components, elevators and a vast selection of home electronics.

  • Toyme Lab

    Internet based employee feedback solution

  • Toyota Autotalot Oy

    Toyota Autotalot Oy is a car importer and retailer.

  • Toyota Material Handling Finland Oy

    Bringing exceptional efficiency to material handling operations.

  • Toypap-Import Oy

    Wholesale of toys.

  • Tp-Automaatio

    Electrical and automation design and installations, maintenance and repair services

  • TP-Kunnossapito

    Industrial maintenance and installations, maintenance of CNC machinery

  • Tp-Tools

    Tyre moulds

  • TPI Control

    TPI Control is an expert service company studying and analysing the state of heat transfer processes. Based on our examinations we offer and implement solutions to make the heat transfer process and its maintenance more effective.

  • Trailcon Oy

    Trailcon Oy is a professional nationwide heavy transport equipment spare parts retailer, where you can get all of the most wanted spare parts and accessories for trucks, trailers and buses.

  • Traplight Oy

  • TRB-Raise Borers Oy

    Raise boring specialist / Raise boring machinery supplier / World wide raise boring technology leader

  • Tredunet

    IT equipment and maintenance

  • TreLab Oy

    TreLab Ltd is a technology company that develops and sells next-generation SW defined wireless measurement systems designed for remote maintenance. Our system turns physical events and measurements into digitized knowledge. TreLab multifunctional measurem

  • Tremedia Ky

  • Trestima Oy

    We manufacture professional software, services and tools especially suited for forest industry's needs. Our expertise is utilization of machine vision, location based services and mobile technology in demanding practical problem solving and harsh environments.

  • Trimaster Oy

    Trimaster Ltd. is a specialist in designing and building tailored robotic material handling solutions. Trimaster is a preferred partner of ABB Robotics

  • Triolab Oy

    Triolab Oy is an expert company founded in 1986, specialising in importing, marketing, selling and technical support of clinical diagnostics products.

  • Triuvare

    IT outsourcing, consulting

  • Troll VFX Oy

    visual effects, digital landscapes and content for feature films, tv series and commercials

  • Trukkihuolto Partanen & Lönnqvist

    Repair and maintenance of trucks


    TSS GROUP offers versatile engineering skills for industry and building services technology in a flexible and cost-efficient way.

  • TTS Liftec Oy

    Systems for loading and unloading ships in ports and other heavy material handling solutions for industry

  • Tuliotus Oy

    We do digital games!

  • Tulipiippu avoin yhtiö

    Heating is certainly efficient and cooking healthy with TidyFire burners. Suitable fuels include pellets, briquettes, charcoal, biochar, biocoal, wood chips, and firewood with integrated hybrid burners. 

  • Tunstall Oy

    Inspection, verification, testing and certification services

  • Tuotanto-osuuskunta Katras

  • Tuotantotehdas Sulkanen Oy / Production Factory Ltd

    television- / radio productions, commercial videos. TV-productions.

  • Tuotantoyhtiö Energia Oy

  • Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda Oy

    Production and post-production company

  • Tuotantoyhtiö Tuokio Oy

  • Turkoosi print & digital design Ky

  • Turner-Door Oy

    Turner Group is a family firm from Finland with more than twenty years of experience in the construction sector. We offer door and leveller solutions and our product portfolio includes sectional doors for both garages and for larger industrial buildings.

  • Tutti Music Oy

  • Työkalu Kostamo

    Molds and special tools

  • Työkalutyöt Mattila


  • Unesta Oy

    services for sleeping disorders, a clinic for sleep and respiration research

  • United Parcel Service Finland Oy

    UPS is a global logistics company.

  • UPM

    Service Center

  • UPM Raflatac

    UPM Raflatac produces an extensive range of paper-based and film materials for labels applied onto products of different shapes and materials, in various climates and a range of environments.

  • UPM Sales Oy

    UPM B2B

  • Upofloor

    Manufacturing of vinyl floorings and halogen free floorings

  • Upofloor Oy

    Since the start in 1950’s, Upofloor has revolutionized our view of traditional public space flooring – focusing on creating smart flooring materials that are environmentally friendly, strong and easy to maintain.

  • UTU Oy

    UTU is established 1919 and since 1945, UTU has manufactured switchboards for the needs of electrical contracting as well as industry and distribution of electricity. In 1982, UTU started to import electrotechnical products. Our customers value UTU as a reliable supplier and partner.

  • Vaahto Paper Technology

    Vaahto Paper Technology Ltd provides its paper industry customers with comprehensive products and services, including engineering , development, manufacturing, installation and start-up, and maintenance and spare parts services.

  • Vaasan

    Bread and pastries

  • Vacon

    AC drives can be used to control electric motors or to help generate power from renewable sources. Vacon AC drives are 100% cleantech. helps you save in energy costs but also significantly improves the process control in your business

  • Vactech Oy

    Preclinical vaccine development, diagnostics, biobanking.

  • Valio

    Milk products

  • Valley media Oy

  • VALOA design rhs Oy

    interior and exterior lighting for private, public, and commercial buildings.


    Today Vapo is a leading developer of bioenergy in Finland and the Baltic Sea region and the world’s leading peat industry company. Our products and services are a key part of Finland’s energy make-up and we are a major regional employer throughout Finland.

  • Varaani Works

    Care-free personal cloud storage solution

  • Varaani Works Oy

    Varaani Works is a company providing care-free personal cloud storage solution. Varaani Cloud Hub saves all your digital content.

  • Varimport Oy

    Varimport Oy is an retail store for Apple products.

  • Varsta Software

    Mobile solutions

  • Vasara Entertainment Oy

    Dreamloop Games is a growing independent game development studio, born in the long days of the Finnish summer of 2014.

  • Vattenfall Oy

    Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas. In electricity and heat, Vattenfall works in all parts of the value chain: generation, distribution and sales. In gas, Vattenfall is active in sales. We also conduct energy trading.

  • Veitikka-Tuotanto Oy

    Film production

  • Veljekset Halonen Oy

    Halonen is a Finnish company that is both trendy and up to speed. In Finland, it has stores in all main cities, either in the centre or in shopping malls. 

  • Veljekset Mattila

    Meat products

  • Vepsäläinen Oy

    Vepsäläinen is a finnish furniture retail store.

  • Verdurent

    Consulting services in embedded software

  • Verkkokauppa.com Oyj

    Verkkokauppa.com is an home electronics chain. It has more than 500 employees.



  • Vertex Systems

    Highly efficient software products for technical design and data management

  • Vetokonsultit

    ERP solutions

  • Viatech

    Assembly and manufacture of machines, equipments and tools, mechanical assemblies, hydraulic and pneumatics, electrical assemblies

  • Victor Technologies Oy

    CNC-controlling for plasma and gas cutting machines

  • Vide

    Vide is a freelance oriented one man design studio, specializing in creative development, of products, spaces and visual content.

  • Viestintätoimisto Honkalamedia Oy

    recruiting and HR events, videoservices eg. CV video bar

  • Viestintätoimisto Selander & Co Oy 

  • Viestipaino


  • Viihdeavain Oy

  • Vilkas Group Oy

    We offer our customers a flexible, affordable and easy to use e-commerce service that grows and evolves with your business. Vilkas' e-commerce solution is a cloud service that is based on the fact that the most important functions for running the webshop are kept on Vilkas Group's secure servers.

  • Villivisio Oy

  • Vincit

    Software development

  • Vincit Oy

    Software and consulting services

  • Vindea

    Management of industrial material flows and enhancement of logistical processes. Turnkey deliveries of manufacturing and warehousing logistics and manufacturing services.

  • Vink Finland Oy

    Passion for plastics.

  • Visma Services Oy

    Visma services offers accounting services.

  • Visma Software

    Software, business process outsourcing, commerce solutions, retail it and consulting

  • Visma Software Oy

    Visma makes businesses more efficient, through offerings of software, outsourcing services, commerce solutions, retail IT-solutions, and IT-related projects and consulting.

  • Visual Computing

    Software for constructon

  • Visy

    Gate and access control solutions in four main sectors: ports and terminals, customs agencies and border crossings, intermodal and rail operations and industrial locations.

  • Vlsi Solution

    Audio integrated circuit products

  • Voimalaite Service

    Design and manufacturing, as well as installing and servicing of generating sets

  • Volvo Construction Equipment Finland Oy

    Volvo Construction Equipment offers the best solutions for machinery, service and spare parts.

  • Volvo Finland Ab


  • Vossi Group Oy

    Vossi is the smart production partner of your metal workshop and our passion is continuous development of your competitiveness.

  • VP-Vihannespörssi Oy

    Vihannespörssi is a well known fruit and vegetable wholesaler based in Finland. The company was established in 1995 in Helsinki.

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere

    Research and testing services

  • VUORENMAA Yhtiöt Oy

    Vuorenmaa Yhtiöt Oy is renowned in Finland as a reliable supplier of bearings, power transmissions and other technical products. 

  • Wa Technologies

    Wirweless condition measurement

  • Wacky Tie Films Oy

    Media production company

  • Wakaru


  • Wapice Ltd.

    Software development and electronics design. Internet of Things solutions. CPQ solutions.

  • Wavin-Labko

    Manufacturing and marketing various plastic products in the field of environment: separator systems of business and service construction, wastewater systems in rural areas, foul water systems in Civils & Infrastructure, and storm and rainwater systems.

  • Wavin-Labko Oy

    Wavin-Labko is a part of the leading supplier of plastic pipe systems in Europe.

  • Weecos Oy

    Weecos is an online marketplace for people discovering sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing.

  • Wennstrom Tht

    Products for petroleum distribution

  • Wihuri Oy

    Wihuri is a global Finnish industry and trade conglomerate engaged in packaging, daily goods wholesale, technical trade and aviation. Wihuri Group employs 5 000 people and operates in 30 countries.

  • Wipak Valkeakoski Oy

    Food- and medical packages

  • Wirepas

    Wireless multi-hop mesh protocol stack for IoT. Fully automatic operation and disruptive energy-efficiency, scalability, and robustness.

  • Witrade


  • WordDive

    eLearning Solutions

  • WordDive Ltd.

    WordDive develops innovative services for language learning. Milestones: 2010: Service launched 2011: Best eLearning Solution in Finland 2014: Best Mobile Service in Finland 2015: Red Herring Europe Top 100 winner

  • Wronghut Oy

    Game development

  • WSP Finland Oy

    Together we provide services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment. Our expertise ranges from environmental remediation to urban planning, from engineering iconic buildings to designing sustainable transport networks, and from developing the energy sources of the future to enabling new ways of extracting essential resources.

  • Wtt Group

    WTT Group Inc produces district heating heat distribution centers, better known and described as ”district heating heat distribution centers and/or district cooling centers”.

  • Würth Oy

    The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening material.

  • Wysiwyg

    Planning and production of web sites, web-based applications, and intranet and extranet solutions, as well as consulting and training on various Internet and software technologies

  • XMLdation

    High quality, cost-efficent and real-time SEPA testing and simulation service

  • Xortec


  • Xylem Water Solutions Suomi Oy

    Xylem comprises five growth centers – Transport, Treatment, Dewatering, Analytics and Applied Water Systems. These businesses are interconnected, anticipating and reflecting evolving needs and sharing their applications expertise to cover every stage of the water cycle.

  • Yleiselektroniikka Oyj

    YEInternational, until recently known as Yleiselektroniikka Oyj, is a Finnish electronics company founded in 1969, with over 45 years of experience in the field. We import electronic components and tools to Finland, Russia and the Baltics.

  • Ylöjärven Konepaja

    Machine shop production

  • YPH Group

    Maintenance services for metal industry

  • Yrjö Wigren

    Meat products

  • YTM - Industrial Oy

    YTM-Industrial Oy has served the the Finnish industrial sector through the supply of technical components and equipment since 1977.