• Arkkitehdit A3 Oy

  • 10-Asennus

    Maintenance, repair and installation services for food, paper, metal and chemical industries

  • 10Tons Oy

    Development of mobile games

  • 3Dolli Oy

    3Dolli creates new dimensions to your marketing.

  • 3Step IT

    IT equipment for large organisations

  • 65 Wilding Films Ky

  • A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy

    A-Insinöörit solves the customers' most challenging problems with 600 skilled professional.

  • A. Alhosen Elokuvalaboratorio

  • A. ja E. Ruissalo Oy

    K-Supermarket is a large retail grocery store.

  • A5 Plate Media


  • Aallon Leipomo

    Bread and pastries

  • Aaltoliike Ky

  • Aaltospaino


  • Abako Media

    Portal development, web and enterprise portals

  • ABB Oy

    Substation Automation Systems

  • Abcell Oy Ab

    Distributes reagents, test kits and equipment

  • AC2SG Software Oy

    We build smart grid software solutions for customers in Finland and abroad. We build solutions that enable the end customers to utilize the new technology.

  • Accenture

    Management consulting, technology services

  • Acute FDS Oy

    Healthcare information systems

  • Adalia Oy

    High scalability architectures and cloud services, highly usable web user interfaces, mobile and tablet user interface applications for heavy backend systems, encrypted video streams, large scale live video delivery, real-time server-based analysis and manipulation

  • Adcontact Aktiebolag, Filial i Finland

    For over 25 years Adcontact has consciously pursued a strategy of continual development within the fields of electrical connectors and equipment for cable production.

  • Adecco Finland Oy

    Adecco is the world's leading provider of Human Resources solutions. Adecco Finland Oy has been in operation since 1997. 

  • Adenova Avoin Yhtiö

    Web solutions

  • Aditro

    HR and financial management services

  • Adlink Oy

  • Adsek Avec Oy

    close coperation with Adsek Oy, practically they are one company

  • Adsek Oy

  • Advanced Network Technology Tampere Incorporation

    Network services incorporating design, installation, management, support and consultancy

  • Advant Games

    Advant Games is a services and software provider for the gaming industry, designing technologically advanced solutions for developing, analyzing and distributing new lottery and entertainment games.<br /><br />Their product combines in-depth

  • Advant Games Oy Ltd

    digital engagement platform Advantlabs, a pioneering tool, TiltCTRL, to detect and prevent tilt in online poker

  • Adwatec

    Solutions for water cooling applications of power electronics

  • Aeonic Entertainment

    Aeonic Entertainment is an independent game studio in Tampere, Finland.

  • ÅF-Consult Oy

    As an engineering and consulting company operating across the globe, we connect technologies to create progress for our clients. Our driving force is powered by the curiosity and knowledge of our forwardthinking employees.

  • Affecto

    Solutions for information management and business analytics

  • After Sports Oy

    Top Sport is a sportswear retail store.

  • Afterglow Music Oy

  • Agco Power

    Diesel engines

  • AGCO Power Oy

    AGCO Suomi Oy sells Valtra and Fendt tractors in Finland.

  • AGCO Suomi Oy

    AGCO Suomi Oy sells Valtra and Fendt tractors in Finland.

  • Agendium Oy

    Simple and secure collaboration tools for business critical groups

  • Ahlsell Oy

    Ahlsell is the Nordic region's leading trading company in installation products and tools & machinery. It offers a wide range of products and services to professional users in the segments of HVAC, electrical, tools and machinery. 

  • Ahlstrom Tampere

    Fiber composites and specialty papers

  • Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy

  • Ainesmestarit


  • Air Wise

    Air Wise Oy produces and manufactures SunAIR and Parmair ventilation equipment and SunAIR-cooling equipment, as well as manufacturing and selling SunAIR plastic ducts for residential use.

  • Airia Oy

    Airia Oy founded 1994, delivers power plants that run on biofuel for combined heat and electricity production. Our products have capacities of up to 5 MW,e. BioHAT® Power Plant is a new generation small-scale power plant that uses biofuel.

  • Aisti Records Avoin yhtiö

  • Aito media Oy

    television programmes, formats, series, local and global production

  • Aitoleipä

    Bread and pastries

  • Ajovarma Oy

    Ajovarma Oy belongs to the A-Katsastus Group and has operations throughout Finland. We provide drivers' examinations in approximately 110 service facilities, which are mostly located within inspection stations