• AP Masor

    Machining services, equipment assembly, measurement services, high precision manufacturing for complex products containing different manufacturing procedures, welding, industrial services, equipment repairs

  • Apex Games Ltd

    About Us Apex Games Ltd is an independent game studio located in Tampere, Finland. We believe in delivering high quality and having a lot of fun doing it.

  • Apex Games Oy

    Game development

  • Apilaratas Oy

    E-commerce related services

  • Aprikoodi

    Software development

  • Aquamec Oy

    Watermaster. For dredging, piling, raking – and more. From dry ground to 6 meters depth.

  • Arch Red

    User authentication: guest and local user account management and authentication, Mobility: RADIUS based roaming for creating inter-organisation roaming services, Wireless and wired networks: access control for guests and local users

  • Arctic Finland House

    Grill kotas, grill houses, garden houses, pavilions, barrel buildings, barrel saunas, wells, swinging tables and many other buildings

  • Ares Oy Nikotips

    Ares Oy imports and markets technical rubber, plastic and polyurethane products. The Company´s primary products are rubber, plastic and polyurethane hoses, rubber sheets and mats, rubber profiles, technical rubber and plastic speciality products, clamps , bindings and compocite hoses.

  • Arimer

    Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber