Our Investments and talents team at Tampere Region Development Agency Tredea provides free services for companies planning investments in Tampere region, Finland. We continuously develop our ways of working so that you as a business leader have the information needed for making informed business decisions.



Oula Välipakka

Senior Manager, Business Development
and Invest in

Let me help you find the right people, partners, startups and research teams to make your business succeed in Tampere.

+358 40 552 2000


Oliver Hussey

Senior Manager, Business Development
and Invest in

I help companies and researchers from outside Finland find what they need to do business in Tampere. If you want to find partners, expertise or set-up operations here, I’m your man. I liked the place so much, I moved here. Let me show you why!

+358 40 679 4142


Anna-Krista "Titta" Sorvoja

Communications Manager,
Investments and talents

I’m here to help you with your communication needs on Tampere Region. Contact me when you need more information on businesses, research or any other more specific topic in the Tampere Region or if you cannot find the information that you are looking for.

+358 50 572 0607