Thanks to the award-winning innovation of Techila Technologies Ltd from Tampere, it is possible to cut computing time to a fraction of what it was. The high-performance computing tool developed by the company is also easy to adopt.

– The importance of computing has increased in particular in the risk management of banking and financing, bioinformatics and the manufacturing industry.  Usually the issue involves modelling, simulation or data analysis supporting product development or decision-making in business, and people want to get it done quickly, says Tuomas Eerola, Vice President of Business Development at Techila Technologies.

The solution developed by Techila is based on integrating middleware installed on a computer with the computing capacity available in a cloud platform. The result is computing power at super computer levels, which significantly speeds up the computing of results, shortening the total time required for the research or product development project.

– With our product, the computing of a complex economic forecast that could take years can be compressed into a few hours, and the optimisation of a mechanical structure that would take days can be done in minutes, explains Eerola.

– The solution is suitable for almost everyone, from financing to machinery and to pharmaceutical development. Techila's largest customers include banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, as well as pioneers of the manufacturing industry.
Techila's product does not require long and expensive consultation during commissioning, special expertise in use, or changes to the organisation's practices.

– This is in line with Techila's fundamental idea. It means that we develop tools that give experts the freedom to innovate.

Globally local

Techila Technologies, established in 2006, was created as a spin-off company of the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). The father of the innovation is the CEO Rainer Wehkamp, who has refined the product with CTO Teppo Tammisto.
The company still has close ties with the world of research. Among other things, as a partner of TUT and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, it participates in the international financial risk management group HPC Finance, and in the SIMPRO project that applies computational methods in the product development of the manufacturing industry.
– When a high-technology company, a top research university and a multi-technology research giant co-operate, the forecast for new innovations is excellent, Eerola says.

– Tampere has been a good place for Techila to develop and pilot its product. However, we have quickly reached an international level in business, because cloud computing is a global market.

Techila's mission is to develop tools that give the experts of different fields the freedom to innovate, Tuomas Eerola says.

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