“All in all, mobile development is like the Formula 1 of software development: fast and dynamic. It is inspiring, and we can respond to challenges quickly, unlike big companies,” says Sami Pienimäki, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Jolla.

Today, Jolla has about 125 employees, a head office in Helsinki and offices in Tampere and Hong Kong. Jolla has more than 40 product development employees in Tampere, taking care of both the design of the device and software development.

“We have been told quite a few times that you can’t do this with a hundred employees, you’ll need a thousand. We have disagreed: you can manage with fewer resources when you do the right things. In addition, our open source code development community includes thousands of people providing their input into the work,” Pienimäki notes.

Jolla conquering the world

The first Jolla phones were introduced to the Finnish market in late 2013, and Sailfish OS has seen some hectic development work. The work is based on combining Finnish design with smooth usability and data security.

“The key thing with this phone is that the user is independent and gets to decide what to do with the device. The phone does not share the user’s information with third parties, but supports Android applications, because people want to tweet, chat on Facebook and so on,” Pienimäki says.

The phone and its operating system are ready for the market, and the next step is Jolla Launcher, which will give Android users an easy opportunity to try out the Sailfish OS experience.

“Jolla Launcher will become available for free in autumn 2014, and the intention is to make it a good promotional tool for us. When those interested in the Jolla user interface can easily test it with any Android phone, they may very well get themselves a Jolla phone in future,” Pienimäki says.

Jolla’s availability quickly expanded from Finland to the whole of Europe. Next on the company’s list is Asia, and China is a strategic goal whose achievement is facilitated by the suitable location of the Hong Kong office. In late summer 2014, 3 Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest operators, became the first Asian operator to launch the Jolla smartphone.

For more information: http://jolla.com

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Tampere4ICT Talents

The city of Tampere, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest in Finland are working to connect available ICT professionals, former Microsoft and Nokia employees among those, with companies in need of ICT talents. If you wish to be employed, please, register to submit your information. If you wish to employ, please, check the Talents section to see the available skills.

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Kiilto Oy

Founded in 1919, Kiilto Oy is a Finnish family business manufacturing chemical products. The company is based in Lempäälä in the Tampere region. In addition to Finland, Kiilto operates in Russia and the CIS region, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia and Poland.

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Doranova Ltd.

Environmental technology company Doranova’s recipe for success is to keep one step ahead of development. This has been well tested over the course of 20 years of operations as a company. It all started with two men, one filter and a strong faith that environmental technology is the next big thing.

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Jolla Ltd.

Jolla Ltd. develops mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the open mobile operating system built on the heritage of MeeGo. The company has its roots in Tampere, Finland. It was born in 2011 amidst Nokia’s big structural change, when Jolla’s founders wanted to start developing their own company concentrating on open innovation in the mobile space. The first three years have been full of action – and enthusiasm.

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