Kiilto’s scope of business includes the development, production and marketing of adhesives and related products. One-fifth of the company staff work in product development, which has been a strong focus for the company throughout its history. This also shows in the quickly-evolving product range. One of the company’s quality indicators is that new products – products less than three years old – account for at least 20 per cent of the sales. This goal is exceeded annually.

“We want to have our fingers on the pulse of the times. Users want products with new features, and environmental and safety requirements keep developing. For example, the transfer from solvent-based to water-based products has been a significant change in both the use and manufacture of products,” says Raija Polvinen, Research Manager at Kiilto Oy.

Kiilto develops products in close co-operation with its customers. The development work is based on the customer’s wishes, the requirements of the application, manufacturing technologies, working methods and materials as well as environmental and safety aspects. The product development unit finds the best combinations of raw materials and tests the applicability of the product under both laboratory and field conditions. In addition to meeting the technical requirements of the application, the product must be as easy and pleasant to use as possible. The majority of the testing takes place at Kiilto’s Lempäälä plant, along with quality assurance of the products.

“Maintaining consistently high product quality is very important to us, this being one of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction. In addition to products, we also strive to develop our production, packaging and product documents to ensure a trouble-free user experience for the customer,” Polvinen says.

Kiilto also organises extensive, systematic and practical customer training, involving the use of actual tools and testing the products in purpose-built training facilities. In the past few years, the company has introduced an online customer training solution, eKiilto, with separate training packages for various types of work.

“In addition, we have an advice service for each and every user of Kiilto products: there is a phone number printed on every package that you can call and ask about the contents,” Polvinen says.

Kiilto has been using an ISO 9001 certified quality system since 1993. It includes integrated environmental, safety and corporate social responsibility standards. Kiilto is also actively involved in the European chemical industry’s sustainable development programmes.

The Kiilto Family Group includes chemical product manufacturer Kiilto Oy and its foreign subsidiaries, hygiene and cleaning product manufacturer KiiltoClean Oy and its foreign subsidiaries, plastic-coated product manufacturer Kiiltoplast Oy, metal container manufacturer Metalpak Oy, shoe, textile, steel and engineering industry product manufacturer Intermedius Oy as well as Ramport Oy, which markets products for the furniture and carpentry industry.

The Group’s parent company is Kiilto Family Oy, which takes care of the entire Group’s financial, information and HR management services. In 2013, the Group had a turnover of EUR 155 million and employed a total of 811 people in different companies in 10 countries.

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