• Aerosol physics laboratory, Department of Physics, Tampere University of Technology

    We have a background in developing various measuring techniques for aerosol research and industry. Currently, our research extends to fields such as aerosol instrumentation, combustion aerosols, atmospheric aerosols, nanoparticle synthesis, and nanostructured coatings. We are organized into two groups described below. We do not take the organization structure too seriously, but nevertheless name some contact persons. Feel free to ask for more information.

  • CAST - Centre for Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

    CAST was created to build a recognized center of expertise on the area of applied statistics and data analytics that would enable University of Tampere to be a strong partner in local and global scene. This would include the inclusive research, professional consulting services and excellence in education. Quantitative methodology is a growing and evolving research area as are the fields of applied statistics and data analytics. From academic to public and private sectors, people are constantly looking for better means for collecting, modelling, analyzing and making predictions based on the available data. With the increase of (big and unstructured) data collected every day in many disciplines, appropriate quantitative methodology tools are needed for both evaluating the research hypotheses timely, and for reducing the risks in the decision-making procedure.

  • Computational Physics, Department of Physics, Tampere University of Technology

    The Computational Physics Group is a collaboration of computational groups within the Department of Physics. It focuses on using and developing computational methods for studying physical processes. We apply a wide variety of computational techniques, from first principles quantum mechanical approaches for nanoscale systems, to massively scaling atomistic and phenomenological models for meso- and macro-scale problems.

  • Department of Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation (IHA)

    IHA is a department at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). We are one of leading fluid power research units in the world. The focus of our research are in mobile work machine automation, the energy efficiency of machines and their environmental friendliness. Applications areas are specifically mobile work machines operating in demanding environments.

  • Department of Materials Science, Tampere University of Technology

    Internationally high-level know-how on all materials based on strong interdisciplinary basic research

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems (MEI)

    Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems (MEI) of Tampere University of Technology is among the most significant research institutes and university level educators in the field of mechanical engineering nationwide. Education and research of the department covers the whole product process of a mechanical system from design and development to re-use or recycling not forgetting even the most minute details of engineering processes involved in the life-cycle. The ultimate target of all education and research activities is to create and give tools for modern day and future mechanical engineers to tackle challenges of the ever more complex world around us.

  • High voltage engineering and measurements

    The research group of High voltage laboratory has a wide experience on experimental and theoretical research on electrical insulating materials and high voltage engineering, especially on diagnostics and monitoring of high voltage equipment as well as the behaviour of materials and equipment in different extreme weather conditions. In recent years the investigations on novel electrically insulating polymer hybrid materials and nanocomposites have been one of the major research areas.

  • Human-Centered Technology (IHTE)

    A unit at Tampere University of Technology, focusing on research and education of user experience and human-centered design of technology products and services. http://www.cs.tut.fi/ihte/

  • Intelligent Information Systems Laboratory (IISLab)

    Intelligent Information Systems Laboratory (IISLab) is a research, education and service unit at the Department of Mathematics at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). Our main fields of research are technology-enhanced learning systems and knowledge modelling. The multidisciplinary research group at IISLab consists of experts on hypermedia, usability, mathematics, pedagogy, computer science and social sciences.

  • Inverse Problems Group (IPG)

    IPG (Department of Mathematics, Tampere University of Technology) specializes in inverse problems in fields from biology to space research, using and developing modern mathematical and computational methods to construct mathematical models based on various data sources.