Tampere4ICT Contact information register for ICT professionals in the Tampere Region

1 REGISTER NAME Tampere4ICT Contact information register

2 CONTROLLER Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, Juhlatalonkatu 5, FI-33100 Tampere, Finland, www.tredea.fi

3 PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REGISTER Communications Manager Anna-Krista Sorvoja is responsible for the register. The tasks of the person include

  • -       making sure that the register system is used appropriately
  • -       assigning access rights
  • -       taking care of the data protection of the information system
  • -       and seeing to it that instructions are provided on using the system and that sufficient training is organised for the users.

Anna-Krista Sorvoja can provide more detailed information about the register and is in charge of facilitating registered persons’ right to receive, inspect and correct information about themselves.

4 PURPOSE OF THE REGISTER The purpose of the system is to gather and keep a register of the former Nokia and Microsoft employees in the Tampere Region in order to provide international companies interested in investing in the region detailed information about the available professionals. The register also supports research and statistical activities.

5 DATA CONTENT The data content comprises the following company information: - first name and surname (and prefix) - telephone number - e-mail address - home city or municipality - link to LinkedIn profile - competence category - additional competence information provided by the customer

6 REGULAR SOURCES OF DATA The information is received directly from private persons.

7 REGULAR DISCLOSURE OF DATA Data is disclosed to the companies interested in investing in the Tampere Region and hiring ICT professionals. Under no circumstances is personal data disclosed for commercial purposes or to commercial parties.

8 INTERNAL USE OF THE REGISTER The register is used by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest In Finland’s (Finpro) personnel. Registered persons are responsible for entering the data in the register and updating it. Access to the register requires a personal username and password. A username and password are created automatically when a person registers to the Tampere4ICT register.

9 PROTECTION OF THE REGISTER The system functions on the external servers of Tredea’s service provider, access to which is limited to technical maintenance personnel. The servers are located in a fireproof server room that is guarded around the clock.

11 STORAGE, ARCHIVING AND DISPOSAL OF THE DATA FILE AND REGISTER INFORMATION The data recorded in the system is stored. The data is not archived separately. The contact information is stored in the database. The data is stored in the database for a period of time that is sufficient for the operations.

12 INFORMING A REGISTERED PERSON The system’s description of file is available at the Tampere Business Region site.

13 RIGHT OF INSPECTION A registered person has access to his/her own information and can edit or delete the information at any time. A registered may also submit an oral or written (such as by e-mail) request to the register controller to inspect the data registered about him/her. An oral request made on-site can be responded to immediately. The register does not contain any data to which the right of inspection does not apply.

14 CORRECTING INFORMATION The system will remind the registered on regular basis to update and edit personal information, or delete it if the registered no longer wants to be contacted by possible employers.

15 REGISTER ADMINISTRATION As the register keeper, Communications Manager Anna-Krista Sorvoja has the power of decision over the register. The Communications Manager makes decisions on

- preparing the register description and description of file

- using the register, specifying the data content and purpose, granting access rights, informing registered persons, facilitating the right of inspection, correcting information and disclosing information

- the register’s system-technical maintenance

- protecting the register and organising data security, archiving and disposal

16 INTERNAL INSTRUCTIONS AND TRAINING FOR REGISTER ACTIVITIES The internal instructions for register activities are prepared separately. Personnel training is planned separately.