Talent pool

These skills can be leveraged in different industries. Contact our team to get more specified information about the talents available. Our personnel is dedicated to help you in any needs you may have when relocating, setting up new units and/or looking for ICT professionals for new operations.
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The city of Tampere, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and Invest in Finland are working to connect available ICT professionals, former Microsoft and Nokia employees among those, with companies in need of ICT talents. See Tampere4ICT for more information about the Tampere4ICT campaign.

Research & development

Product and UX design (11 entries)
Localization and customization (16 entries)
Mechanics engineering (9 entries)
Hardware engineering (32 entries)
RF engineering (13 entries)
PCB / FPC, PCB / FPC (10 entries)
Audio (12 entries)
Display and touch (13 entries)
Camera & sensors (18 entries)
Battery and charging (6 entries)
Testing & certification (42 entries)
Environmental compliance (4 entries)
Build and proto management (9 entries)
Product program management (25 entries)
Product management (30 entries)
Product quality management (30 entries)
Operational development (20 entries)
Supply chain project management (10 entries)
Design for manufacturing and supply chain quality (8 entries)
Customer care readiness (12 entries)
Manufacturing test engineering (8 entries)
Supply chain technology development (3 entries)
Pre production (5 entries)
Sourcing (6 entries)
SW development and maintenance (46 entries)
Cloud (12 entries)
Security solutions (5 entries)
IT & SW project management (43 entries)
SW testing & quality assurance (53 entries)
Product data management (12 entries)
Database & middleware (9 entries)
Mobile accessories (7 entries)
Packaging design (0 entries)

Administration, marketing and sales

Finance (5 entries)
Global sales and marketing and local product introduction (18 entries)
Human resources (6 entries)
Market research and consumer understanding (9 entries)